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Boxing Day revolutionises Amazon: increase your sales in the UK

  • December 26 is Boxing Day, one of the most important shopping days of the year in the United Kingdom.
  • On Amazon UK, the sales campaign begins after Christmas and great offers are launched that increase sales from December 24 to 31.


Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Prime Day are some of the most important dates of the year to increase your sales on Amazon. Depending on the country in which you are going to offer your products, these dates vary or become more relevant.

In the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other territories that belonged to the British Empire, Boxing Day is celebrated, an event that does not exist in countries such as Spain. Do you want to know when it is and what it consists of? We’ll tell you!

What is Boxing Day and how is it experienced on Amazon?

Boxing Day has traditionally been the most important shopping day of the year in the UK. It is celebrated on December 26, just one day after Christmas and marks the start of the sales campaign.

Although it is common to see lines of shoppers that pile up from very early in the morning at the doors of physical stores, online shopping is becoming more and more relevant. The situation caused by Covid-19, in addition to other factors, has significantly increased this trend in the last year. In 2020, in-store traffic fell by 60% and, now, 68% of shoppers choose to make their purchases online.

Just like with Black Friday on Amazon, sales volume increases for brands that list their products on the UK platform during Boxing Day. Jeff Bezos’ company wants to make the most of the benefits that this event generates and, as it has been doing in previous years, celebrates the “Amazon’s Boxing Day Sales,” which take place Dec. 24-31.

During this Boxing Week, Amazon launches product deals at lower prices that tend to sell out quickly. While it does so in virtually every category, it sets a “Top deals” on the most in-demand items: televisions, laptops, smartwatches, headsets or gaming accessories.

Why should you take advantage of Boxing Day on Amazon?

If you sell your products on Amazon UK, you should mark this date on your calendar. Keep in mind that, during Boxing Day 2020, the English spent more than £2 billion on their purchases, according to the survey conducted by Barclaycard. For this event, Amazon was the ecommerce or marketplace that received the most traffic, reaching a daily average of more than the 3 million views.

In addition, a third of the British population think that the deals that are made in the sales period that starts after Christmas are better than those of Black Friday or Cyber Monday. For this reason, they have already expressed their intention to spend more on purchases made from December 24 to 31.

This year, during Boxing Day, Amazon will offer deep discounts in almost every category, but electronics, beauty, baby, home and garden products will continue to be the main protagonists. The marketplace giant will use its own Amazon Echo or Kindle devices to advertise items at up to 50% off.

Take advantage of the Christmas momentum and get ready to increase your sales in Amazon’s Boxing Day Sales. At Nozama we can help you translate and optimize your product catalog for Amazon UK. In addition, we tell you the keys so that you understand how Brexit affects Amazon.