Brand story

Brand Story, the new A+ pages available on Amazon

  • Amazon makes Brand Stories available to brands, new A+ pages that aim to enhance brand image, increase conversions and build customer loyalty.
  • The Brand Story is a personal and personalized space, perfect for convincing your customer through the values and story of the brand.


A+s are a powerful tool that allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and connect with your potential buyers through layout content that includes texts, photographs and direct links to products and, therefore, is much more attractive to users.

More and more companies are joining Amazon to increase their sales, strengthen branding, gain greater authority in the market and generate more trust in their customers.

Why include a Brand Story on the product detail page?


Telling your story on Amazon will enhance your connection with customers, allow them to quickly learn about your top sellers, help them better identify with the values that your brand transmits, and provide consistency both inside and outside the marketplace.

The Brand Story will be displayed in a new section, located above the enhanced product description. In this case, there are 4 modules that allow you to add up to 20 cards of different content in the same carousel.

In addition, it should be noted that this type of A+ offers a significant advantage over the others. It allows you to link content with products in the Amazon store catalog to generate greater visibility of your catalog, increase conversion, reduce returns, negative reviews, and build customer loyalty.

Don’t miss the opportunity to include these new A+ on your product detail pages!