Climate Pledge Friendly

Climate Pledge Friendly: Buy Sustainable Products


Amazon launches “Climate Pledge Friendly” in Europe. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, keep reading because we’ll explain what the marketplace is and what it wants to achieve with this initiative.


What is Climate Pledge Friendly?

This is Amazon’s new program that will help customers discover and buy more sustainable products in a simple way. With this initiative, Amazon is helping to make sustainable shopping easier and more accessible for consumers. The marketplace is launching this program in Europe, thus committing to the protection of the environment. A simple way for customers to discover more products with sustainable certifications. Products that help preserve the environment. You get the idea, right?

Let’s explain what it consists of exactly. When Amazon customers enter the marketplace, they can see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on more than 40,000 products in Europe. This badge that you see in the image, notifies that products have one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications. Certifications that help protect the environment and preserve the natural world. This Amazon initiative helps more sustainable consumption by helping customers easily discover climate-friendly products.

It also wants to encourage manufacturers to produce more sustainable products with this initiative.


What Selection of Items Does It Include?

The products included in this Amazon initiative are food, office, home, beauty, fashion and electronic devices. Climate Pledge Friendly includes products from hundreds of small and medium-sized Spanish and European companies. In addition to consumer and business categories such as HP.

Amazon works with trusted third-party certifications so customers can discover sustainable products. Customers can see that they truly meet standards that help preserve the planet. All products that fall under the Climate Pledge Friendly plan are identified in search results and on product pages.

Additional sustainability information is included on these product pages. We can also see that they feature them in a specific section within Amazon in each country.

Amazon seeks with this initiative to help encourage its business partners to manufacture products that help protect the planet. There are currently thousands of brands and companies participating in Amazon’s sustainable program. These companies want to encourage more brands to source products more sustainably and certify their products. And in doing so, generate a positive impact that benefits farmers and workers.


Compact by Design Initiative

Become part of the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative. This is a new externally validated certification created by the marketplace itself. It has been created to identify products that, although they may not always look different, have a more efficient design.

There are products that, by removing excess water and air, require less packaging. This makes your shipping more efficient. And you may be wondering: is all this significant for the environment? Yes, these small differences in the size and weight of products reduce CO2 emissions.

There are some well-known shampoo bars in the Amazon world, as they have revolutionized the whole issue of sustainability. This shampoo does not contain any plastic. It is known as the zero-residue alternative to bottled shampoo. This solid shampoo weighs three-quarters less than a liquid shampoo. Significantly reducing weight and packaging.


At Nozama we support this initiative by Amazon to protect the environment. It is important to provide information that allows us all to contribute to a sustainable future. We must protect the planet more than ever, do you agree with us?

Already knowing this initiative of the great e-commerce, if you sell on Amazon and you think you can offer a valid product to be part of this program, do not think twice and participate. We encourage you to join this beautiful project and as always we offer you our help for anything you need.


See you soon!