Control the Amazon Finder: How to Find What You Want Quickly and Efficiently


With millions of products available on Amazon, finding exactly what you’re looking for can seem overwhelming.

In order to reduce or save time and simplify the process, from Nozama we tell you how to efficiently use Amazon’s advanced search tools.


Get to know the search filters

When you go to Amazon’s search engine, you’ll notice that the results can be quite extensive and varied. To help you find the specific products you’re looking for, Amazon offers a wide range of filters that allow you to refine your results. You can use filters by category, brand, price, size, color, Prime availability, and more. Simply head to the left sidebar of the results page and select the filters you want to apply. With this feature, you’ll be able to save time by eliminating products that don’t meet your criteria and focus on those that perfectly fit your needs.

Use search operators

In addition to filters, Amazon allows you to use search operators to find what you are looking for in a more precise way. These elements help you refine your search and get exactly what you want. In this regard, some of the most common search operators are:

  • Quotation marks (” ”). These are used to search for an exact phrase. For example, if you search for “wireless earbuds” you’ll get results that contain that specific phrase, rather than results that include both words separately.
  • The minus sign (-). Its function is to exclude words. For example, if you search for “Smartphone –iPhone,” it will remove results related to iPhones and show you only smartphones from other brands.
  • The asterisk sign (*). It is useful for searching for words with various variations. For example, if you search for “action cameras,” you’ll get results for “action cameras” and “action sports cameras,” allowing you to explore different related options.
  • Numerical range (:). It is an ideal choice for searching for products within a specific price range. For example, if you search for “500:800 TV”, you’ll get TVs priced between €500 and €800.
  • Obligatory word (+). If you want a specific word to appear in all your search results, you can use the plus (+) symbol in front of the word. For example, if you search for “+ground coffee,” all results will show the word “coffee” accompanied by “ground.”


Customize your search by ratings and reviews

Reviews from other buyers can be critical when making online purchasing decisions. On Amazon, you can customize your search to see only products with ratings and reviews of four stars or higher. This way, you can rely on the expertise of other users to choose high-quality products and meet your needs.

Use the advanced search bar

Clicking on the “Advanced Search” link near the search bar will take you to a page with several customizable criteria. There you can enter specific keywords, select categories, set price ranges, and more.

This valuable tool will allow you to find products more efficiently and accurately.


With these tips and tools, navigating Amazon’s extensive catalog will be easier. This way, you’ll be able to find specific products quickly and efficiently. Enjoy a more organized and satisfying shopping experience on Amazon!