Discover Amazon Prime Wardrobe: The Revolution of Trying and Returning Clothes Before You Buy


Ready, set, try! In the exciting world of online shopping, Amazon has taken a revolutionary step forward with its Amazon Prime Wardrobe service. Can you imagine being able to try on clothes before saying if you’re going to keep them from the couch at home? This is already a reality thanks to Prime Wardrobe, Prime’s Try First, Pay Later service that turns online shopping into an exciting experience.

At Nozama we provide you with this complete guide where you will discover how to use this innovative tool to enjoy a unique shopping experience, try on garments from the comfort of your home and return them easily if they do not fit as expected.

It’s time to open your virtual closet and explore online fashion shopping!


Transform the way you shop for clothes

Think about how you would feel about experiencing a new way of shopping online, where trial and error becomes a thing of the past. With Amazon Wardrobe for Prime members, a world of opportunities opens up before you, where you can choose from a selection of up to six fashion items, shoes and accessories from a multitude of well-known brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Amazon Fashion’s own brands. This functionality is available for women, men, and children.

Now you can try them on in the comfort of your own home before making the final decision!

You no longer have to worry about something not fitting, if it doesn’t fit your contour properly, or if the color isn’t ideal. With this tool you have the freedom to try different styles, sizes, and combinations without waiting in long queues at the fitting rooms.

Would you like to know how that dress would look on you? Or if those trendy shoes match your outfit? Now you can find out before you make the purchase.

Try, Decide, and Return: Simplicity in Your Hands

What is the testing and return process like? Be careful, we’ll tell you about it below:

Once you’ve made your selection of items on Amazon Prime Wardrobe, you can excitedly await the arrival of your package. Amazon will take care of shipping the garments directly to your door, ready so you can experience the magic of trying them on before you buy!

After receiving the package, you’ll have a seven-day trial period to try on the garments comfortably at home and calmly assess how you feel about them. You can combine them with other garments in your wardrobe, match your look and explore with different styles. In this time you will be able to check its fit, quality and decide if it suits your preferences and needs.

If a garment or footwear doesn’t meet your expectations or simply doesn’t fit as you expected, don’t worry, Amazon Wardrobe has simplified the return process to make it an easy and simple task. Inside the package you will find a return label prepared so that you do not have to pay anything to return the products you do not want to keep.

To make the return, it is only necessary to place the garments you want to return in their original packaging, affix the return label and take it to the nearest collection point or request it at your home. When Amazon receives and processes your return, Amazon will promptly refund your return.

Explore without fear, try and return with ease! From now on you can discover new brands, your own style and trends without leaving home. Find the clothes that really make you feel good!

Refresh your wardrobe with the benefits of Prime Wardrobe

In addition to the exciting opportunity to try on and return garments before you buy them, this service offers you additional perks to refresh your wardrobe.

One of the key benefits is the speed and free shipping, both to receive the products at home and to return those you don’t like. This means you’ll be able to receive and return them without additional costs or unnecessary delays.

Renewing your wardrobe has never been easier!


The combination of fast and free shipping, along with discounts, makes this tool a very attractive option full of opportunities for those who want a complete, stress-free shopping experience with great benefits.

In short, Amazon Prime Wardrobe provides you with a personalized and more than advantageous shopping experience.

Don’t wait any longer and try this amazing tool from the comfort of your home.