Seller University

Do you sell on Amazon and still don’t know what Seller University is?


  • They are educational resources for brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs to learn how to succeed on Amazon.
  • The platform offers articles, videos, webinars and success stories to make the knowledge needed to sell items on the world’s largest marketplace available to everyone.


Have you recently started selling your products on Amazon and don’t know where to start? Have you been doing it for a while now and would like to have more resources with which to test new sales tactics? Do not worry. As you may know, at Nozama Solutions we have put at your disposal a large number of resources, such as the latest news that Amazon offers to its sellers or the tactics that you can carry out to maximize your sales.

This time we bring you Amazon’s own service, called Seller University, in which the platform itself offers educational resources for you to succeed as a seller.

We can divide the website into two main parts: one for individual sellers, professionals, manufacturers, and distributors where topics such as what you should do as soon as you create your store are discussed; and another for trademarks, with everything you need to connect with your customers, to protect your brand or to learn about the experience of other sellers.


What You Can Learn as a Beginner


The first thing you need to know is that to access this section it is not necessary to already have a seller account created on Amazon, as there are a large number of resources available to the general public. Of course, if you already have one, we recommend that you access it, as the amount of information and advice is considerably greater.

In this section you will find everything you need to sell your products, such as: publishing your products, placing ads (Amazon ADS), shipping depending on the type of logistics you choose (FBA or FMB), managing orders, analyzing and improving the performance of your products or how to deal with payments and collections.

In addition to all this, so it is already possible for you to start making profits on the platform, preparations are made for, for example, dates marked on the calendar, such as Prime Day or the Christmas holidays.

They also teach you how to solve the possible problems and headaches you face, such as the “5665 error” that usually appears when you sell a product of a certain brand for the first time and that requires you to prove that the item belongs to that brand.

All this is available to you through more or less extensive articles (from a couple of minutes of reading, to more than 20), short explanatory videos or somewhat longer webinars.


How Being a Registered Trademark Can Help You


This section can be very useful if you own a brand and are about to start your journey on the Amazon marketplace, since as a brand you will have to take into account very different aspects to those served by a distributor or a seller without a registered trademark.

For example, they teach you how to create your store, which after all will be your showcase for customers; to create a basic marketing plan or to get reports and analysis of your results. This way, you will be able to connect with your target audience in a faster and more dynamic way.

Another very relevant point is how you can protect your brand, enrolling it in the Brand Registry service, to avoid counterfeits and be able to enjoy all the benefits that Amazon offers to brand owners.

Finally, something very interesting about this section is that you can learn about the experience of other brands from the hand of their owners, through case studies. In them you will be able to learn a little about their history, why they decided to start selling on Amazon, what kind of products they own or how they have developed their business within the platform.

In this way, you will be able to get inspired by those cases that resemble yours, which is a great initial help that will make things much easier for you.