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Do you want to sell on Amazon? 5 Common Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

We know that Amazon is today the largest marketplace in the world, where the largest percentage of consumers in the world make their purchases for multiple reasons. If you are looking to sell on Amazon, or if you are already an Amazon seller, it is essential that you know that there are 5 mistakes that sellers usually make, and it is those 5 mistakes that can compromise the performance of your seller central and vendor central account and instead of expanding your reach much more to more users, What these mistakes can cause is that you decrease your performance more and more, and consequently, your reach and revenue.

Amazon is a great place for users to make their purchases safely and quickly, as well as a good place for sellers when they manage their account correctly. To get the most out of Amazon you have to avoid certain traps that will cross your path, so you must always remain vigilant.


Mistakes to Avoid When Selling on Amazon

In this post, we have compiled the main mistakes that many sellers on Amazon unconsciously make, things that in the end can affect the entire performance of their accounts as sellers and all the work invested will have been for nothing. Avoid making these mistakes so that you avoid as many inconveniences with your Amazon account as possible and achieve and exceed your goals. In fact, these mistakes can not only be avoided on Amazon, but also on any e-commerce platform where you decide to sell, and even on your own website.


Low Quality Images

An attractive image is always a good option to present your product or service, and good quality images are worth a lot to Amazon. The main image of your product should always be on a white background without watermarks or URLs.


Confusing Product Names

There is nothing more unsatisfying and frustrating than buying a product and receiving the wrong product for confessions in the name. It’s important that you are as clear as possible in the name of your product, you don’t need to keep a title too long. Keep a short title with the most relevant keywords.


Confusing Product Descriptions

Many of the users, before buying on Amazon, usually look at the description of the products to know their usefulness, manufacturing material, etc. Your product description is where you should point out why it’s a good product and why users should buy it, and that’s where you can add a detailed explanation to indicate the most important features of your product in an organized way, put yourself in the readers’ shoes when writing your product descriptions and think about what aspects you’d like to find in a product description that positively influences your product. your final purchase decision.


Maintain good communication with your customers

Something that adds a lot of value to your performance as a seller on Amazon is the good relationship you have with your customers, it is important that your customer experience is always the best. No matter what day it is, if a customer contacts you, Amazon will require you to respond within 24 hours.


Never Set Up Multiple Amazon Accounts

This is a huge mistake that can cost you dearly. This can result in a lifetime ban that will prevent you from selling on Amazon again. The key to success at Amazon is proper account management, not managing multiple Amazon accounts. If you manage your Amazon seller account well from the start, you won’t have any problems. If you don’t know how to manage it correctly, the best thing you can do is contact a specialized agency that can advise you on the best way to manage your account and avoid Amazon penalties.


Now that you know the top mistakes that many sellers often make when selling on Amazon, you’re ready to start selling! Avoid making any of these 5 mistakes that we have pointed out and we assure you that you will do wonderfully.

Selling on Amazon is a door to many positive opportunities and possibilities for the growth of your business, only if you make correct use of the tools that Amazon puts at your disposal to boost your brand and the sales of your products. Don’t let a lack of knowledge of how to properly manage an Amazon account cause you headaches and waste time and money. When doubts and worries arise where you don’t know where to start, that’s when you should make the best decision.


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