Qué es AWS?

Everyone is talking about it, but what is AWS really and what is it for?

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) encompasses a large number of services that allow you to store management or develop mobile applications, among other things.
  • This Amazon cloud platform has established itself over the years as one of the most important sets of tools and services in the world of cloud computing.


You are surely familiar with many of the services and products that are part of Amazon’s global ecosystem, such as the marketplace, Amazon Go or Prime Video. But what you probably don’t know is the real importance of one of its most unknown services, used for example by companies such as Reddit, Pinterest, Netflix or even NASA or the CIA.

We are talking about Amazon Web Services, a set of tools and services designed to generate a complete work environment in the cloud, which makes it easier for freelancers and SMEs to carry out all their tasks.

Today, at Nozama Solutions, we explain in more depth what it consists of and how you can use it to streamline certain points of your business.


What exactly is AWS?


As the name suggests, Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that offers up to 200 end-to-end services globally. This allows you to accelerate growth and improve the organization of all aspects of your company, as well as reduce costs, increase agility or innovate in new areas of business.

In this way, you can subscribe monthly to AWS to connect to a specific server, database, or service to process information or perform a certain task without having to make a large investment.

This is a very important advantage for those companies that, due to their small size, cannot carry it out or because they prefer to outsource certain services depending on their use, since this expense becomes a variable depending on the needs.

In addition, if you have a company and already have your own infrastructure, AWS can have your back in case your CDP (Customer Data Platform) fails so you can continue to operate as normal.


What services and benefits does it offer?


The most important services that Amazon offers as a provider are:

  • Cloud computing: With Amazon EC2 at the helm, this service gives you everything you need to manage, build, and scale cloud instances.
  • Databases: Amazon RDS allows you to unify different types of databases, such as MySQL, PosgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or Amazon Aurora. In this way, Amazon RDS takes care of common tasks, such as provisioning, patching, backups, recovery, error detection, and repair.
  • Virtual networking: This option allows you to establish virtual private networks through the cloud using Amazon VPC.
  • Business applications: You can unify Amazon WorkMail with other services such as Amazon WorkDocs or Amazon WorkSpaces for a unified and agile business environment.
  • Storage and content management systems: The main service for storing data is Amazon S3, but it is complemented by others such as Amazon Glacier or Amazon EBS. This way, you can get an ecosystem with enough data to make business decisions.
  • Business intelligence: AWS enables you to analyze enterprise data at scale through data flow management services.
  • Mobile apps: Amazon Mobile Hub allows you to manage, build, test, and maintain apps simultaneously across the cloud.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): it is like what Alexa allows you to do inside your home but on a large scale, unifying all the devices you have connected to the internet in your company and collecting all their data.
  • Developer tools: And with AWS, developers can store code, deploy it automatically, and publish software on an ongoing basis.
  • Security and control: This feature allows you to implement multi-factor authentication as a way to access your internal systems.

In addition to all these services, another aspect that makes it the best cloud computing platform in the world is the business governance it allows you. With it, you can audit, control and manage all aspects of your business almost all the time, as you can create infrastructures that work even in the worst conditions.