Imágenes Amazon

Everything You Need to Know About Images on Amazon

  • Images of a product are essential when it comes to a customer’s decision to buy online.
  • Amazon has very specific requirements so that all the images on its marketplace have the same characteristics.


For people, the sense of sight is one of the main inputs of stimuli in their day-to-day lives. Therefore, when buying a product, the most important thing is that it is liked and that it enters through the eyes. The rise of e-commerce has brought with it the impossibility of seeing first-hand the shape, color and design of the object we are going to acquire, limiting everything to a series of images.

Next, we are going to tell you what your images must look like on Amazon so that they meet the requirements set by the most important marketplace in the world and so that they meet the demands of your customers.


The main image on Amazon: the first impression, the most important

This image is extremely relevant since it is what attracts the customer’s attention the most, even more than the title. Therefore, it is essential that it is taken professionally. In fact, Amazon has established requirements for these images so that they integrate and merge with the rest of the content on the search and detail pages.

The most important condition of the main image is that it must be a professional photograph, without layouts, simulations, or graphic designs; where only the product can be seen. This must be without the packaging, showing only the included accessories and on a pure white background. It also can’t include text, logo, watermark, or the like. In addition, only one view of the product can be displayed, so it must be as representative as possible. For example, in the case of shoes, only one can come out and it must be oriented to the left 45º.

On the other hand, depending on the product category, the image will have to meet different requirements. In the case of men’s or women’s clothing, it must be photographed on a human model; But if it’s for a child, it has to be photographed on a flat surface and without a model.


General requirements for all images

Although the first image is essential to attract potential customers to your products, the rest have the mission of allowing the buyer to get as accurate an idea as possible of what the final item is going to look like. Ideally, the different uses of the item, the different views, how the packaging comes or how long it is compared to reference items should be shown. As a result, Amazon requires that all images posted on its website meet at least the following characteristics:

  • They should faithfully and clearly represent the product, with no blurry or pixelated parts. In addition, the article must occupy a minimum of 85% of the image area and must match the title of the ad.
  • The minimum number of pixels on its longest side for optimal viewing has to be 1600. This is critical for customers to be able to use the zoom tool, which has been shown to improve the number of sales. Conversely, the longest side of the image can never exceed 10,000 pixels.
  • The accepted formats are: JPEG (.jpg o.jpeg), TIFF (.tif), PNG (.png) or GIF (.gif), although it is recommended to use the former.
  • They may not contain nudity or provocative content.
  • Accessories or related products that are not included in your package should not be listed, as this could confuse the customer and cause returns or negative reviews.
  • Human models cannot appear in children’s and baby clothing.
  • Logos, Amazon trademarks, or any distinctive used by the marketplace itself, such as “Amazon’s Choice” labels, Amazon Smile design, and others, may also not be included.

In addition to all the restrictions imposed by Amazon, you should not forget the importance of having a good image strategy. Except for the main photo, which is the one in which we are going to find more limitations, for the rest we advise you to use still lifes, photos that help you know how the product is used and detail images that show more closely the most important features of your product. Take advantage of all these images to capture your image and brand identity.

Amazon is looking for only one thing: customer satisfaction. So, if your photos don’t meet these requirements, Amazon may remove your products from search results until you submit images that do.