How to Create Effective Bullet Points in Amazon Listing

When we talk about optimizing Amazon listings, we’re also talking about improving the quality of our products’ Bullet Points. Bullet points are short sentences that appear on Amazon’s detail page and that list the main advantages of a product. If bullet points are well-written and include relevant information, they will positively impact consumers’ purchase decision.

The 15-Second Rule in Bullet Points

When someone enters our listing, we will only have 15 seconds to capture their attention. First of all, you’ll re-read the title and stop at the main image and price. Then, you’ll look at the bullet points to see if the product’s features match what you’re looking for.

If you manage to grab the user’s attention with your bullet points in that period of time, you’ll be closer to conversion than bounce.

How to Write Bullet Points That Sell

Bullet Points are ideal for the customer’s purchase decision. It is not a matter of exposing the technical characteristics of the product, but rather its benefits and characteristics must be highlighted in a clear and precise way.

In addition, we will have to explain what the product is for, what its main competitive advantage is and we will take the opportunity to include the keywords that we have not been able to show in the title. Don’t forget that users have to understand the message; write with them in mind and not Amazon’s algorithm (A9).

If you are going to sell your product in another country, it is recommended that you write the Bullet Points by a native speaker. Verbatim translations are often flawed and can give the customer a poor quality impression.

Amazon Features, Requirements, and Rules for Bullet Points

Below, we share a series of recommendations from Amazon that you should take into account when writing your product’s Bullet Points:

  • The first letter should always be capitalized.
  • Do not add final score.
  • When separating sentences, use semicolons.
  • Don’t include promotional content or links.
  • If your account is an Amazon Seller, you will have a maximum of 5 bullet points.
  • For Vendor accounts, the maximum allowed is 11 bullet points.
  • The maximum length is 500 characters (although in Amazon Vendor each category has its own conditions).


Start each paragraph with a brief summary of the main feature and include emojis if you see fit, but don’t overuse them.

Remember that to avoid the return rate, you need to be honest and never mislead consumers.

Always think about the end customer and personalize the message according to the target audience you want to reach. At Nozama Solutions we will help you define the best way to sell on Amazon!