crear campañas de remarketing en Amazon

How to create remarketing campaigns on Amazon?

As we told you a few days ago, you can now create remarketing campaigns on Amazon. This will increase the visibility of your products and make your display ads reach a more interesting audience.

If you want to know how you can create your remarketing campaigns on Amazon, read on.

What is remarketing on Amazon?

In short, remarketing campaigns on Amazon are sponsored displays that appear on product detail pages and not on the search results page. These types of campaigns will only impact those people who have searched for products in the same category or type of product as yours in the last 30 days.

When we announced that remarketing campaigns were now available on Amazon, we explained what these types of ads were as we knew them to date. But the truth is that there is a big difference between traditional remarketing or retargeting campaigns and those of Amazon. On the large Marketplace, this variety of ad is shown to all audiences who have searched for products similar to yours and not just those who have visited your products.


How to create a remarketing campaign on Amazon?

To create a remarketing campaign on Amazon, there are a number of steps to follow:

  1. Add a name to your campaign.
  2. Choose a budget.
  3. Segment the campaign as “view remarketing.”
  4. Choose the type of audiences based on the audience you want to impact:
    • By the categories they searched for.
    • For the products they have searched for.
  5. Next, you will also be able to filter your campaign taking into account a number of aspects to segment your audience:
    • Brands: You can choose to impact an audience based on the brands they searched for.
    • Price: price range of the products searched.
    • Customer: whether they are prime or not.
    • Reviews: the ratings of the products visited.


Well, for now, these are the options offered by the Marketplace to create remarketing campaigns on Amazon. We want to emphasize “for the moment” since it is a beta version with few functionalities that will gradually evolve.

Advantages of remarketing on Amazon

Remarketing is extremely effective.

With other types of ads, you target people based on your best guess that they’ll be interested in your brand or product. With remarketing, you know they’re interested, as they’ve searched for categories or products similar to your brand, so they’re much more likely to convert.

Targeted targeting.

Remarketing offers very specific targeting. This highly focused approach allows you to more effectively tailor your ads to potential customers.

Higher conversion rates.

Have you ever searched for something on Amazon and come across ads that had nothing to do with the product you were looking for? As we’ve already explained, your remarketing campaigns will only impact those who have seen products similar to yours. We can say that, if they have previously searched for this type of product, it is because they are interested.

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