financiar las compras en Amazon

How to finance Amazon purchases?

For no less than two months, Amazon has introduced payment in installments in collaboration with Cofidis as a novelty.

Currently, it is the company with the highest turnover in our country; Offering: the most competitive prices, a wide catalog of products, along with good customer service and quite memorable estimated delivery time.

In addition, Amazon has launched completely independent websites for the following countries: Austria, France, China, Germany, Japan, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Ireland, the United States. In this way, it can offer a completely independent and particular product catalog for the taste and consumption habits of each specific country, according to the supply and demand that is established in that commercial area.

Why is this? It is because, for many, it is becoming more and more comfortable and convenient, even more so considering the times of COVID, to do online shopping from the sofa at home; with the plus of if you have the Amazon Prime service you can receive your order up to the same day.



How to pay in installments for Amazon purchases with Cofidis?

To begin with, it is essential to know that in order to access this new modality that Amazon has incorporated, there are a series of restrictions. The first is that, to make use of this service, the product you are going to buy has to range between €75 and €1000, otherwise, it will not enter the promotion. Products purchased with Amazon gift vouchers, pre-sale products, or products that are not in stock will also not be entered. It should be noted that Amazon’s installment payment is also applicable to a basket with several products that is among the prices mentioned above.

If we meet these requirements at the time of payment, we must choose ‘Pay in 4’. Once the application is completed, the client must attach photos of their ID. After a few minutes, if your financing is accepted, the payment will be divided into four installments that will be made within 90 days.


How to pay in installments for Amazon purchases with Fintonic?

Cofidis is not the only installment payment offered by Amazon, in fact, for a few months now it has also had financing in the application through the company Fintonic, which gives you a gift voucher with the value of the purchase without interest and commissions.

The negative point is that, to make this payment in installments, you must do it from two entities completely independent of each other, that is, you must download the Fintonic application and choose the amount and the period of time in which you want to return it. In addition to this, it also has restrictions such as Cofidis, in which the minimum amount must be €200 and the maximum amount €1000, the term cannot exceed 4 months and at most you can do it in 4 installments.

As we can see, Amazon is constantly adapting to the changes that are taking place today. Just a few years ago, people didn’t want to shop online due to a lack of credibility, but this has changed today and Amazon has been incorporating more and more new features to the site to make shopping easier for the consumer. This has been essential to increase its sales and consumer confidence, as it has been doing in recent years, which has been increasing its notoriety.

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