Máximo rendimiento a Amazon advertising

How to get the most out of Amazon Advertising


• Solutions to promote your products with Amazon Advertising
• Formats to advertise with Amazon’s main payment platform


Amazon Advertising is Amazon’s main pay-per-click platform. In this case, it is aimed at brands looking to launch performance campaigns to position their product catalog among the main positions on the platform. Advertisers can choose what type of campaign to run to segment audiences, reach their buyer persona, and gain market share in the industry in which they operate.

In addition, the marketplace allows users to promote their products in different formats susceptible to different budgets to boost their commercial activity within Amazon and boost their sales.

Thus, the necessary tools are enabled to carry out Sponsored Products campaigns, that is, ads targeted by keywords aimed at positioning the individual listings of each brand in the search engine. And, Sponsored Brands to optimize the store and drive quality traffic to your page.

Also, companies can promote their products in Display format, an advertising content that has informative graphic elements and a call to action linked to the listing or product. They can be found at the top and on the sides of the page.

In addition, video ads can be complemented by Display campaigns. They are a very effective and interactive format to tell the story of the brand, the promotional content of the product or other advertising action in an impactful and direct way.

Or, run Amazon DSP campaigns. This is an on-demand platform where they can buy ads and run them within Amazon or elsewhere on the internet. In addition, with Amazon Advertising it is possible to segment campaigns by interests and with all the data provided by Amazon. But, in this case, only those companies that have an invitation can operate, whether they are Amazon customers or not.

In the marketplace , as in other platforms, paid media campaigns can be carried out in multiple formats and adapted to the budget of each user. But in this case, it is worth highlighting the importance of investing in CPC to increase the notoriety and reputation of brands that are committed to implementing this marketing strategy in their business. An essential corporate action to increase the visibility of companies’ products, implement a differential value with respect to the competition and increase individual sales.