Vivir de Amazon

How to make a living from Amazon?

  • Amazon is an excellent business opportunity for any brand that intends to sell its products nationally or internationally.
  • It’s a complete but complex channel. It requires time, investment, knowledge and a good product to make the most of it.

Currently, it is possible to make a living from the sales that occur on this platform, but you must be able to control all its variables and carry out optimal daily management.

Opening an Amazon account and starting to sell your products may seem simple, but the truth is that it is an arduous task. To develop it, you must take into account these four fundamental parameters: the product, the time, the investment and the knowledge.

Offer an interesting product

Much of the success you can achieve on Amazon depends directly on the product you are going to offer. It must be a quality item, that has added value, that adapts to the needs of your potential customers and that meets their expectations.

If not, your product won’t get positive ratings or reviews on Amazon. As a consequence, the A9 algorithm will not give good visibility to your product and its appearance in search results will be negatively affected.

Dedicate some of your time to it

Amazon may be a powerful selling tool, but it’s a platform that requires a lot of dedication. You will have to invest the necessary time in researching the competition, in the search for the best-selling products, in the generation of optimized content, in the import of catalogs or in the design of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Invest in advertising and marketing

With a well-planned marketing strategy, you’ll get a competitive business faster.

So, is it enough to invest budget in campaigns? Definitely not. To carry out efficient campaigns on Amazon you must take into account various factors such as audiences, keywords, budget…

If you don’t have enough knowledge or time, seek help from experts on Amazon.

Train Constantly

Amazon is a platform that, although it offers a multitude of services and functionalities to its customers, is quite complex and is always evolving. That is why, if you want your business to grow in this channel, you will have to train continuously and always be aware of the latest developments.

Research, study, and test. From the mistakes and successes you make, you will understand how Jeff Bezos’ algorithm works.