Amazon Influencer

How to Make Money with the Amazon Influencer Program

  • Your followers will be able to make purchases directly in your storefront or through a link
  • Commissions vary depending on product, category, and number of sales


Influencers are those people who have a high number of followers on social networks and generate a certain impact with their publications. Thanks to this creation of currents of opinion, many monetize their content through posts, images or videos sponsored by brands. We can usually see them on social networks such as Instagram or TikTok, but they can appear anywhere on the network.

In fact, there are also influencers on Amazon. Didn’t you know? Yes, the largest marketplace in the world also has its Amazon Influencer Program so you can take advantage of your content.


What is the Amazon Influencer Program and how does it work?

Amazon offers you the opportunity to earn money in a very simple way thanks to your recommendations on social networks. To do this, the first thing it asks you to do is to have a YouTube, Instagram or Facebook account. Logically, the number of followers is relevant, but it does not have a defined minimum to be able to participate. Amazon will look at it and rate it, but when evaluating your request, it will also look at other engagement and engagement metrics. Quantity is important, but so is quality.

Once you have submitted your application with your preferred social network, Amazon will review it and validate your profile if you are eligible. On YouTube and Twitter you’ll receive approval in real-time, while on Instagram and Facebook the process can take up to five days. When the company selects you, you’ll have your own URL to create your storefront – – and become an Amazon influencer.

From then on, your job will determine your earnings. Design the page to your liking and start recommending products! You can attach the items you want to your storefront or you can create lists to sort them into different categories or themes.

Share your link through social media and every purchase made through it will earn you money. In addition, it’s also possible for Amazon to show the content you’ve posted on your storefront to other shoppers, allowing you to earn revenue from a new audience.


How much money will you make?

At this point, you may be wondering how much money you’re going to get. The Amazon Influencer Program works through commissions that will be generated when your followers make purchases from your storefront or qualifying purchases. The latter can be direct or indirect and that, added to the product category and monthly earnings, will determine the percentage of profits.

Direct qualifying purchases are those that belong to the same product category as the detail page that was accessed. The percentage of profits can be as high as 20%.

On the other hand, indirect qualifying purchases are those that belong to a different product category than the detail page accessed through the specific link. In this case, the profit percentage will be 1.5% except for the “video game consoles” category, which will be 1%.

However, here is the Amazon Influencer Program commission table for you to check all the details. Create your storefront, recommend products and earn money by becoming an Amazon influencer!