mejor momento para vender en Amazon

Is it the best time to sell on Amazon?

Currently, a large part of the Spanish population is experiencing the worst uncertainty in terms of their jobs. We know that due to the great health crisis of covid-19, many companies decided to furlough their workforces due to lack of protective material or incompatibility in terms of teleworking. Considering selling on Amazon can be one of the best decisions for these uncertain times.

Many large multinationals in the automotive, fashion, restaurant and catering sectors, airlines, and companies in the tourism sector, joined the decision of the ERTES, which adds up to the figure of more than 3,140,772 unemployed in Spain.

It is too early to know exactly what will happen to these jobs, but what we do know is the concern and insecurity that many people may feel about their future employment.

Times are changing and with it the way we work and earn income. We are in the age of digital business, they are booming and will be for much longer than you imagine.


Create an online business selling on Amazon

Have you ever been told that entrepreneurship is difficult, that you have to invest a lot of money or that it’s too late for you?

Starting and maintaining your own business is extremely rewarding on a personal level. In the last decade alone, Amazon’s net profits have risen from $34 billion to more than $230 billion. Technology and staying at home has influenced why we are in the best time to sell on Amazon.

Today, selling on Amazon has become a profitable business model for many, and most important of all, a realistic business model for those inexperienced in handling it. In addition, thanks to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) everything related to the logistics and inventory of your products are in the hands of Amazon, which makes your path to entrepreneurship much easier and you don’t have to worry about anything.


Why now?

There are many advantages that Amazon brings you and you can read in our latest articles, but you also have to know your audience, the buying behavior of consumers given the global Covid-19 pandemic:

Now more than ever, consumers rely heavily on online shopping to get the goods and supplies they need. Even with more mobility permits, many sectors have had to reinvent themselves and opt for home delivery to save their business and meet demand.

The demand for basic necessities, household items, sanitary products, entertainment and sports equipment has increased not only in Spain but throughout the world.

Due to the state of alarm, many people are spending more time at home, which is a positive thing for those who have always wanted to open an online business. It is and will be a very valuable time that many will take advantage of to learn from home everything they need to do so.

A radical and permanent change is expected in terms of online shopping. As shoppers become accustomed to the ‘new normal’, many will avoid visits to physical stores.


What are the best products to sell on Amazon?

Let’s say you’ve decided to take the plunge to create your first online business. After this, the next question you will ask yourself is… What product can I sell?


Best Selling Categories on Amazon

  • Electronics.
  • Toys and games.
  • Clothing and accessories.
  • Jewelry.
  • Camera and photography.



Research what you want to sell

Research the product: Choosing what to sell on Amazon isn’t as simple as choosing something you think people need. Use research tools and determine your product according to sales volume, market competitiveness, keywords, search volume… (With this, you’ll find a potent product, but it won’t guarantee results.)

Study the market: Are they seasonal products? Can you identify trending products in the last year that can inform future trends in the coming years?


Path to Success

Remember that this is a long-distance race, if you start from 0 you will need time, so take it step by step:

  • Know: Study and train, make mistakes and adjust your goals realistically.
  • Optimize: Create an attractive publication for the customer, add more products to your listing, add variations…
  • Sell: Prepare to sell, perfect your business and make sure you can sustain it over time.
  • Win: Withdraw the profits and enjoy the fruits of your efforts!


Contact us

If you want to start selling on Amazon, at Nozama we understand perfectly what it is to start from 0 and we know your situation. Any questions or queries you may have with the creation of your Amazon account, do not hesitate to contact us to resolve them, as always, we will be happy to help you.