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Nozama Solutions launches a new free Social Paid Media service for its customers

  • The Amazon agency has included among its services the management of Social Paid Media campaigns to increase the ‘off-Amazon’ traffic of its clients on the platform.


  • The service is now available free of charge to all Nozama Solutions customers, with measurable results from the Amazon Attribution platform.


On Amazon, sellers have different options to increase the traffic and visibility of their products. In addition to having the possibility of optimizing their listings and making use of sponsored ads, brands also have other tools outside the platform that can be really effective when it comes to generating traffic to their product sheets and, therefore, an increase in visibility and increased sales. That’s why Amazon agency, Nozama Solutions, has launched a new free Social Paid Media service for its clients.

According to the latest study by WeAreSocial and Hootsuite, in January 2021 Facebook had about 2,740 million active users in a month. For this reason, for Nozama Solutions, including the management of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Tik Tok Ads, Twitter Ads or Linkedin Ads campaigns among its services is an effective option to direct external traffic to its customers’ product listings on Amazon.

Ad targeting in Facebook Ads in relation to Social Paid Media

Facebook Ads segmentation, the platform’s pay-per-click advertising system, allows potential customers to be grouped based on criteria such as the country they belong to, their gender, the city in which they live, their age, their interests and their personal tastes. Thanks to this tool, sellers can generate brand awareness and send qualified and segmented traffic to their product listings, where customers can complete the purchase process.

Driving external traffic is not only a competitive advantage over the competition, but this practice can also be rewarded by Amazon because it increases the number of visitors to your website.

What is the new Social Paid Media service?

Social Paid Media campaign management is now available free of charge to Nozama Solutions customers and includes: creation of copy and creatives, organization and launch of campaigns, implementation of A/B testing and audience segmentation. In addition, all results will be measurable for trademark owners thanks to the native Amazon Attribution measurement platform where campaigns and Off Amazon links will be configured. On the other hand, clients will only have to take care of the advertising investment on the different platforms.

Combining external ‘off-Amazon’ traffic with internal traffic such as Amazon Advertising is a perfect solution that allows Amazon sellers to give visibility to their products, increase Sales Velocity and improve conversion rate: “If we combine good copy with good creativity, proper segmentation, exclusive offers and promotions, and a perfect product listing, we will be able to attract audiences with a high purchase intention,” says Carlos Sánchez, Head of Marketing Strategy at Nozama Solutions. “With an effective Social Paid Media strategy, Nozama Solutions’ customers will be able to get good ratings, more reviews, more sales, and build customer loyalty on Amazon,” he concludes.