Nozama Solutions participates as a Platinum Sponsor in ESHOW Barcelona 2021

On July 7, one of the most anticipated ecommerce and digital marketing events began in Barcelona: ESHOW 2021. Like every year, the event brought together the leading companies in the sector and the country’s biggest technology experts and influencers.

E-SHOW Barcelona 2021 was held under the slogan “the latest trends and novelties to grow your business” and, on this occasion, had as a special guest Nozama Solutions, the largest Amazon agency in Europe, which participated as a Platinum sponsor of the event.

“We tend to see Amazon as a rival, not realizing that the e-commerce giant presents numerous opportunities for the success of our business.” This is how Mario Herraiz, co-founder and business director of Nozama Solutions, began his presentation, who attended as a representative of the company and gave a series of conferences during the two days of the event to introduce brands to the Amazon universe.

According to the spokesperson, “Amazon has more than 100 million Prime users and, every year, more than a million companies start selling on the platform. Last year, the marketplace obtained a figure of 400 billion dollars in sales, but it must be taken into account that 60% of Amazon’s sales are not direct, but from companies that sell their products in Marketplace format.”

Jeff Bezos’ platform has undeniable potential for companies but, in order to achieve good management in the marketplace, it is important to understand how it works very well: “At Nozama Solutions we have spent 10 years growing a platform that combines positioning, promotion, marketing, sales, customer service, orders, logistics, incidents, invoicing, collections and IT”, said Mario during his presentation.

In addition to presenting the different sales models on the platform, the Seller and Vendor models, Mario Herraiz shared with the attendees a series of considerations that any brand must take into account when selling on Amazon: “A9 is the name given to Amazon’s search algorithm and its function is to increase the profits of the platform. The A9 algorithm analyzes all the products and then shows users the ones it considers most optimal. It examines everything; from product matching to customer search terms, to conversion rate, to reviews, price, and shipping times.”

Herraiz also pointed out that, in order to be successful on the platform, “each section of the product must be studied taking into account the market niche and its category and, before sponsoring an article, we must make sure that it is excellently published following Amazon’s criteria and that it has good comments from customers.”

The representative of Nozama Solutions ended his presentation by reminding the audience of the importance of including aspects such as the seasonality of the product or special dates in their marketing plans and, on the other hand, encouraged those present to “think big” and to “go beyond the Spanish market, since Amazon gives us the possibility of reaching other platforms following practically the same rules”.


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