Nozama en colaboración con Merca What

Nozama Solutions signs a collaboration agreement with Merca What to launch the first Seller of fresh produce in “Prime” mode on Amazon Spain


  • The agency specializing in Amazon will manage Merca What’s activity on the sales platform.


  • The Salamanca brand will provide fresh products, such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables in 24 hours for the whole of Spain.


Merca What, the online sales platform for fresh produce, and Nozama Solutions join forces to launch the first fresh produce market in Spain in “Prime” mode. Through this collaboration agreement, Merca What will begin to market fresh products on the Amazon platform, offering everything from meat and fish in the first stage, to expanding to the rest of fresh products later.

This means that Amazon Prime customers will be able to do the “day-to-day shopping” of fresh products, receiving food without shipping costs in less than 24 hours. For its part, Merca What will have its own warehouse under Amazon’s Prime badge nationwide, which indicates the direct delivery of products to the end customer within 24 hours.

The largest Amazon agency in Europe, Nozama Solutions, will manage the Amazon activity of this project in the Marketplace, thus ensuring the efficiency and operability of the project. “We are excited to be able to lead the operation of a project as complex as this, ensuring that Amazon customers have even more products at their disposal in less than 24 hours,” says Mario Herraiz, co-founder and business director of Nozama Solutions. “Nozama Solutions will focus on managing all Amazon tasks to provide the service that the Prime badge requires,” says Herraiz.

“This collaboration agreement means that fresh products, such as fish from the fish market, will be able to be in the homes of Amazon customers in less than 48 hours after they are caught,” says Sergio Alonso Vicente, founder and manager of Merca What. “Merca What will focus on coordinating the origins of the product (fishermen, farmers, etc.) to the end customer by managing purchase orders,” concludes Sergio.