Servicio gratuito e-mail de marketing

Nozama Solutions will offer a new free email marketing service to its customers

  • The Amazon agency will allow its Seller customers to personalize and automate emails in response to purchases that occur on Amazon.
  • Brands will benefit from the advantages of Feedback Five, a powerful tool that will be used to generate branding through email marketing.


Amazon’s email marketing policy is very restrictive for brands. The e-commerce giant understands that customers who buy on its platform are theirs and not the seller’s. That’s why Amazon doesn’t provide their email addresses to businesses or allow them to contact their buyers through this medium.

However, there is a way for brands to target their shoppers while respecting Amazon’s rules. Nozama Solutions, through Feedback Five, offers its Seller customers a new free and totally legal email marketing service.

It is a software that allows you to automate emails including certain rules so that brands can send totally personalized emails to people who have bought their products through Amazon from the moment they have placed their order or immediately after receiving it.

Thus, Sellers will be able to thank the purchase of a certain product, make certain recommendations on its use, publicize other similar items that are part of their catalog, highlight their own brand or attract reviews within Amazon.

This new service becomes a lever that will help sellers enhance their branding, establishing a valuable communication that will allow them to get closer to their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

If you are a Nozama Seller customer and want to know all the advantages that this new service can offer you, please contact your account manager. It will help you with everything you need.