Optimización de campañas con datos demográficos

Optimize your campaigns with Amazon demographics


Weincorporate new metrics into our customers’ dashboards with Amazon seller accounts. This is Amazon’s demographic data, a very valuable piece of information that will allow you to adjust and optimize your budgets to achieve better results in marketing campaigns.

From Nozama Solutions we tell you everything you need to understand its importance.

What Amazon demographics do we show you?

By filtering by the country or countries in which you market your products and time periods, you will be able to know which are the geographical places where your highest volume of sales is concentrated. You’ll get the top 5 of the geographical areas where you’ve made the most sales.

Based on the data provided by Amazon, you’ll also see the total number of orders you receive each day of the week in our dashboards, which, combined with Amazon’s new budget rules, will allow you to increase your budget on key sales days and decrease it during periods with lower volume.

Finally, you’ll get sales information based on time intervals. By means of a table that works as a heat map, you will see highlighted in more intense color the times of the day when the highest number of orders occur.

What are demographic indicators for?

These demographic indicators provide you with critical objective data that you’ll need to keep in mind when creating marketing strategies both on and off Amazon.

You will be able to target potential customers who are in the places where your products are most attractive, on the most powerful days of the week and at the most powerful times of the day, ruling out making investments where and when you will get the lowest return. That way, you will be segmenting your campaigns based on the KPIs you choose, adjusting your budget to the maximum to achieve better profitability in your account.

While it looks like Amazon is slowly introducing new targeting options like Google Ads or Facebook Ads, for now, you’ll need to take demographics into account when adding a new budget rule within your campaign manager. Depending on the calendar, you will be able to increase the percentage of the budget that you are going to spend in the hours of highest traffic, marking your most powerful days of the week in a personalized date range and thus improving the most relevant metrics of the campaigns such as TACos.