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Sell on Amazon Business

Interested in selling on Amazon Business? If you have a large company, SME, or are self-employed, the Amazon Business selling program can be an interesting idea for your business.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is an Amazon service aimed at B2B (business to business) sales that includes features adapted to the needs of businesses, giving them the opportunity to find better prices, make subscriptions, get discounts and compare between different sellers. If you’re selling a product that other businesses may need, it’s highly recommended that you use this channel to boost your sales.

What do I need to get started on Amazon Business?

To sign up for Amazon Business, you need to have a professional seller account on the platform. You’ll be able to earn the Amazon Business Seller badge without any additional fees and increase your B2B sales with new ways to reach business customers. In addition, the Amazon Business program allows you to enjoy FBA and the automatic ability to sell throughout the EU.

Benefits of selling on Amazon Business

The shopping experience on Amazon Business is the same as on the marketplace, but this program includes lower prices for bulk purchases, automated VAT invoicing, and the ability to display prices excluding VAT.

Better management of your invoices

For exact control of invoices, the platform gives you the option to download them automatically. You can do this from “My orders” in the “Invoices” section.

It’s easier to win the B2B Buy Box

On Amazon Business the competition is lower than on the Marketplace and the visibility of the product listings is much higher, so we will have a better chance of winning the Buy Box.

Quantity Discount

One of the main features and advantages that Amazon Business has is business offers. Sellers can reduce the selling price and discount their products. Buyers, on the other hand, can view the price of the product excluding VAT and also request a quantity discount and negotiate the final price with the seller.

More precise control of your sales

Thanks to the Amazon Business program, you will have comprehensive control of your company’s invoicing and will be able to generate reports and download them whenever you need to.

As a seller, you’ll be able to offer your product at two different prices, one price for the regular buyer and one for Amazon Business customers. Amazon Business is a service that will allow you to reach all European marketplaces, so that the opportunities for business multiply.

If your product has to do with the business world, you have to be on Amazon Business. For more information, please contact Nozama Solutions. We’ll help you boost your sales!


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