Shein se alía con Amazon

Shein partners with Amazon to continue its international expansion


  • The Asian fashion giant, which has carved out a niche for itself in the wardrobes of millions of people around the world, has decided to sell its products through Amazon
  • Shein is going to use FBA to reduce delivery times for its products


Nowadays, people are very demanding about the control of their free time. In addition, companies such as Amazon have encouraged immediacy in the delivery of orders, which has made their customers increasingly impatient when it comes to shopping online. Therefore, if they have to wait three weeks to receive an order, they often look for alternatives or other sales channels that ensure faster arrival.

One of the reasons why Shein and Amazon are teaming up is to offer better services under a mutual collaboration, according to official sources. Currently, the international Chinese fashion platform is present in the United States and has just arrived in Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Pros and Cons of Collaboration


On the one hand, customers will have available a very wide catalog of clothing and accessories from the Shein line, a well-known company well positioned for its attractive and modern designs. In addition, your buyer persona will enjoy these products practically immediately thanks to the logistics program implemented by Amazon.

However, the only disadvantage is the increase in the price of the garments compared to the prices they have on their own website, which was one of the strong points that led the company to international success.

What’s Amazon getting out of all this?


It is clear that Shein is making this move for the sake of improving its weaknesses and offering its customers what they demand from its services, but what does Amazon gain by incorporating “the competition’s” products into its marketplace?

Well, for years, the company led by Jeff Bezos has carried out different strategic campaigns to position itself as a benchmark in the fashion sector. To this end, it has bet very strongly with programs such as Amazon Influencers, “try first, pay later” or Amazon Style, among others. Therefore, for the e-commerce giant it is a very powerful added value to have Shein among its brands.