Programa compras recurrentes

Subscribe & Save: The Amazon Recurring Purchase Program

● The “Subscribe & Save” service allows Amazon users to receive products with free scheduled shipping and discounts of up to 15%.
● Sellers who join this program will be able to increase their sales and retain customers who regularly purchase items from their brands.

In its quest to meet the needs of sellers and buyers, Amazon offers both the ability to benefit from the “Subscribe & Save” program. This service is designed to encourage and facilitate recurring purchases of products that consumers want to receive on a regular basis, such as food, office supplies, beauty items, baby care or pet items, among others.

What are the benefits of the “Subscribe & Save” program?

Customers who subscribe to these types of services won’t have to waste time placing their regular orders. They will be able to add them to their cart only once and schedule the frequency of deliveries to automatically receive them at home.

They will enjoy free shipping and discounts of up to 15% on the price if they receive three or more subscriptions in the same shipment and, in the case of Prime, up to 20% on diapers and baby food. This program does not imply any type of permanence commitment, users will be able to cancel or skip the subscription at any time they want.

On the other hand, sellers who add their products to the “Subscribe and Save” program will be able to increase sales by attracting customers who are looking for convenient shopping experiences at competitive prices. They will also be able to build trust with repeat buyers who are already engaged with your brand.

How are products managed for this “Subscribe & Save” program?

To activate bidding on these items, Amazon requires listings and inventory files with a stock percentage of 85% (26 of the last 30 days).

It should also be noted that only beauty, supermarket, health and baby care items, automotive parts and tools, electronics, DIY and tools, industrial supplies, kitchen, garden and lawn, musical instruments, office supplies, outdoors, pet supplies, sports and toys are eligible for this program.

Sellers who want to manage their products under the “Subscribe & Save” program will need to access their Amazon Seller Central dashboard. From there, they will be able to see all the items in their catalog that are eligible for this service, search for them by SKU, add or remove them from the program, check and sort them according to the status of the offer and test products that are already out of stock or about to run out.
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