qué son los productos BMVD

What are Amazon BMVD products?

BMVD products are one of the categories that are part of Amazon’s platform. It is a concept that is used to encompass four products: Books, Music, Video and DVDs.


What types of products are BMVD Products?

This category can include any book, magazine or publication, sound or video recording and/or any multimedia product in all its formats. BMVD products include subscriptions to magazines, book clubs, and music, among others. In the same way, any software program product, computer games and/or video games is excluded.

In general, Amazon imposes a series of requirements in order for its products to be listed. In the case of BMVD products, the platform allows them to be published as long as they present one of the following states: new, certified refurbished, second-hand and collector’s. None of this requires authorisation, but specific conditions or requirements may apply.

For BMVD products ordered through Amazon and not using the FBA service, Customer will be responsible for determining shipping and fulfillment charges subject to Amazon’s Program Policies.


Return Possibilities

Like any other product that is part of the Amazon platform, this product category also has the possibility of returns. There are different cases:

New BMVD Products: Can be returned if the return is postmarked within 30 days of original delivery and if the products remain in their original condition.

Used BMVD products: can be returned due to defect or damage, if reported by the buyer within 14 days of receiving the order. The package to be returned must be postmarked within 30 days of original delivery to the buyer.


How to export BMVD products?

BMVD products can be exported internationally through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA Global Export), with the option of standard shipping from the U.S. This is an Amazon service that provides warehousing, packing, and shipping assistance to sellers, thus allowing more flexibility and less burden for sellers.

In this way, it allows the merchandise of those sellers to be sent to an Amazon fulfillment center. So the entire process of preparation, packaging, and physical shipping is carried out by Amazon employees.


Shipping Options for Amazon BMVD Products

For shipments, several options have been provided for the BMVD category only:

  • Two-Day Domestic: Order must be received 48 hours after shipment.
  • One domestic day: The order will be received 24 hours after shipment.
  • International Standard: The order must be received within three to six weeks of placing the order. For customs reasons, it can take between eight and 12 weeks.
  • Expedited International: the order will be received three to seven days after purchase, although due to customs, the time may be extended.
  • BMVD products are excluded from free shipping.

Amazon, as the e-commerce giant that it is, has made it easier and easier to find the product you want among so many of those it offers. Currently, it has more than 20 categories available to sell on its platform. Depending on the category, Amazon allows you to list the products without any specific permission; in others, they only allow the publication of new products; and some have additional guidelines that sellers must follow