What are the best-selling products during lockdown?

Due to the global health crisis caused by Covid-19, we have been confined to our homes for more than a month and although the drop in sales on Amazon was initially expected, it is true that our customers, unable to leave their homes, have opted to buy various products in order to be more productive, entertainment and avoid going out of your home as much as possible, as is the case with the most vulnerable people.

Although with longer shipping times due to the situation and the security measures proposed by Amazon, it has not been a problem since customers are very aware and respect it quite a lot.

In addition to the main basic necessities such as medical supplies and food products, our customers who have been deprived of going out for the general well-being, have wanted to follow their daily activities from the comfort of their home.


Best Selling Products on Amazon

Sporting products

We all miss maintaining a minimum of daily activity, being at home does not help much and much less for the most sporty, so sales of sports products have skyrocketed and have become a staple this quarantine.

Many customers have decided to create their sports corner in their homes and the essential products are: weights, mats and resistance bands. Although the best-selling product in this category is the ‘Amazon Basics Jump Rope’ perfect for an intense workout that can be practiced at endurance intervals, there is also its alternative: the Gritin Sports jump rope It has more than 3000 ratings with an average of 4.4 / 5.0 points.


Technological products

The importance of having a good WiFi has increased and is essential in this situation, for work, for leisure… That is why the ‘TP-Link N300 TL-WA850RE’ WiFi repeater is the most sought-after item by buyers.

For those with more outdated TVs when it comes to accessibilities, the ‘Amazon Fire TV Stick’ is an Alexa voice remote that turns any TV into a Smart TV. It is another of the most demanded products this quarantine

Many young people are taking advantage of the lockdown to spend more time with the video game console. Products in this category have also increased their sales, such as the famous game ‘Animal Crossing’. Although one of the products that has sold the most is the ‘Logitech G332 Gaming’ headset


Leisure & Entertainment Products

Young children are the most affected in this confinement as they are in the stage of growing up and discovering. That is why their entertainment should be paramount to the stimulation of their creativity. In this category, the multiple sales of paints, tempera, plasticine… Although it is the glue stick ‘Pritt Adhesive Bar’ that is the most demanded product.

To our surprise, being a product for children and adults, the best-selling books during the quarantine are the book ‘Learning to review’ (5.99 euros) and ‘Adult coloring book’ (6.99 euros). The many benefits of coloring have been proven: it improves concentration, reduces anxiety and stress, and increases creativity. In short, this is therapy for anyone.

In terms of films, ‘Frozen 2’ (€18.90), is at the top of the ranking as the best-selling film during this quarantine. As we mentioned before, it is the little ones who need moments of leisure and distraction the most.


Food Products

The fact of eating ourselves is a first necessity whatever the product, but in this case, we know that going down to the bar to drink coffee is going to be unthinkable at least temporarily. For this reason, the best-selling product in this section is: the ‘Ristretto compatible with Nespresso’ capsules (12,83).


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