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What is a Store on Amazon and how to make the most of it?

If you’re looking for information about what a store is on Amazon and what it’s for, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of Amazon stores.

Who Can Have a Store on Amazon

If you’re already an online merchant, you’re probably already getting an idea of what we’re talking about, but if you’re a seller, manufacturer, or distributor who is only dedicated to physical commerce and you’re looking for new growth opportunities for your company and to consolidate yourself in the safest online marketplace, then you’re ready to start selling on Amazon.

Whether you’re currently selling on Amazon and looking for ways to improve your customers’ experience and also want to increase your brand recognition (to sell more), or you want to start from scratch in this online marketplace. There is something very important that you have to know, the Store within Amazon is an excellent tool to enhance your business. Because it gives you the opportunity to show and publicize your brand within the most important online commerce portal in the world. Therefore, you will generate trust in users immediately and this is undoubtedly a plus point that you have to take into account no matter what.

But how can you get the most out of your Amazon Store?

In this post we are going to tell you the real reason why you need to have a Store of your brand within Amazon. How you can make the most of it and, above all, the great value you will provide and the experience you will provide to the consumer who lands on it.

Stores on Amazon were first introduced in 2017, giving sellers and brands the opportunity to create a unique brand space on Amazon. That offers consumers an enhanced shopping experience. Creating a Store on Amazon is only suitable for brand owners. It works with a very intuitive interface and allows you to customize it with different types of design templates with different store layouts and customizable features that will more accurately illustrate your brand story and value proposition.

So if you don’t have your trademark yet, do it now and improve the user experience for all your customers.

What Brands Can Do with an Amazon Store

Registered brands on Amazon can decide which products to offer in their store and can leverage optional media content to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, they can also use built-in social features like share buttons, or they can even incorporate sponsored brands to promote brand awareness and drive high-quality traffic to their listings. But that’s not the only thing you can do with a Store on Amazon, there’s still a lot more.

Since its inception, continuous improvements have been made to Amazon Stores. And now the Store dashboard allows brand owners to monitor daily visits, pages, views, page views per visitor, sales, and sales units attached to the store.

Previously, brands were limited to 30 source tags, but now they can view and export the top 100 source tags. In addition, businesses can add a 20-second video that will automatically play repeatedly as soon as a visitor lands on the Store’s homepage.

Over the past year, Amazon has rolled out several more features for Stores with the goal of helping brand owners engage shoppers with content-rich experiences, as well as updates to help improve the user experience inside Stores.


Get the Most Out of Your Brand with the 5 Most Important Features of Amazon Stores

Below we are going to tell you the 5 most important features that Amazon Stores have with which you can offer an unforgettable user experience to each user who visits your Brand’s Store. Start getting the most out of your brand now!

Image For Sale

Images for sale are those that will allow you to showcase your products with attractive lifestyle images that present your products in different scenarios or in collections with other complementary products from your same catalog. When you choose to make any of the products in the image “for purchase” you will allow customers to click on the featured products and see basic information such as the product name, price, customer ratings, and availability.

Shoppers can also add the product to their cart or easily navigate to the product detail page to access more information, which will inform their purchase decision.

Images with Text

With this new feature, you can add descriptive text to your images and customize their placement, size, alignment, and color. Images with text will allow you to provide visual descriptions of the benefits, uses, and differentiating factors of your products from the competition. In fact, according to Amazon, this text can also help optimize your store’s SEO by amplifying third-party search engine traffic. So be sure to incorporate your product’s top keywords when taking advantage of this new feature. Here is the best strategy to optimize the keywords of your products on Amazon.

Improved product management

There are now several tools that make it easier to manage the products displayed in the Store, and also allow you to make Store updates faster when needed. Instead of uploading products individually, you can now upload products in bulk to your product grids and featured offer boxes. If any of your products are out of stock, you can choose to have them automatically hidden.

New ways for customers to discover your Store

Amazon shoppers can now discover your Store by clicking on your brand logo. Which has been added to the bottom of the landing page of your Sponsored Brands ads. Therefore, it is essential that you upload your brand logo to your store developer and make sure to keep it updated.

Integration of Background Videos

Brands can now add a 2-20 second video. The video will autoplay and loop when your Amazon Store page loads for the customer to see.