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What is a Store on Amazon?

Today, branded sellers have more opportunities than ever to personalize their branded shopping experience on Amazon. Thanks to Amazon stores, A+ content, and enhanced branded content, advertisers can establish their brand equity and foster shopper loyalty in the marketplace. The importance of having an Amazon Store and A+ content for your products is because they add value and make your brand and product much more eye-catching, attracting more people’s attention to your product. Using optimized and engaging content can help you boost your sales throughout the year and even more so in seasons like Amazon’s prime day and Black Friday.

What is Amazon Creative Services?

Branded sellers now have more opportunities than ever to “customize” their branded shopping experience on Amazon. With the implementation of Amazon Stores, A+ content, and enhanced branded content, brands have the creative tools and capabilities they need to establish brand equity and drive shopper loyalty with Amazon Creative Services

Creative features such as video, comparison charts, and high-quality graphs and photos not only help improve the aesthetics of brands in the market, but also provide new possibilities to increase traffic and conversion rates of detail pages.

Amazon Stores or Amazon Stores

The Amazon Store is a new creative content tool that allows brands to design and create multi-page catalogs to showcase their products and a unique value proposition to shoppers.

Users who visit an Amazon store can purchase a collection of a brand’s products in a personalized, brand-centric shopping experience.

Each Amazon store can have three tiers with multiple pages at each level including a homepage, a category page, and a product detail page.

Not only do Amazon stores look great, but at the same time they elevate the shopping experience by allowing brands to:

  • Capitalize on both internal and external traffic sources.
  • Boost organic ranking and increase sales.
  • Promote new products to existing customers and educate prospects.

The biggest benefit of Amazon Stores is providing personalized content to potential customers and introducing potential customers to your brand. Each page gives you the opportunity to mark it as “your way” with lots of supporting content and great freedom. It’s like designing your own website on Amazon.


A+ content on Amazon

Providers also have the option to subscribe to Amazon’s A+ content. A+ Content combines high-quality images, graphics, and narrative text on your product detail page:

  • It helps customers make well-informed purchasing decisions.
  • Overcome purchase doubts.
  • Incentivize brand affinity.

Enhanced Branded Content

Enhanced Branded Content makes it possible for brand-owned sellers to modify the product description field of their branded ASINs and describe the features of their products in a different way, including unique brand storytelling, enhanced images, and text distributions.

Even though there’s a lot of work in Amazon creative content development, there are some best practices that apply to all forms of Amazon Creative from EBC to A+ Content and Stores:

  • Preserve the uniform layout: One of the biggest advantages is that you don’t want to design for a single homepage – you should keep your entire catalog in mind, especially when designing an Amazon store.
  • Integrating lifestyle images: You don’t need to want to reuse images from existing detail pages. Instead, use new and creative images that will intrigue shoppers into buying and using the product.
  • Leverage reviews: Take a closer look at what your customers are saying in your product reviews. If they keep asking the same questions over and over again, you may want to address those concerns using the space provided in your Amazon Creative.
  • Size and resolution: All your images must be the right size and resolution according to Amazon’s requirements.
  • Hire an agency that specializes in Amazon: Working with an agency that knows what Amazon’s ratings are allows you to move faster through the creation process.

A+ content and enhanced branded content in Amazon stores for brands are eye-catching and very functional tools that many buyers on Amazon take into account, although it is true that they can buy a product without its publication having optimized content with images, or being in an Amazon Store, the publication that does have it will add value to the product and increase the buyer’s confidence in the decision-making. Don’t miss any opportunity to attract new customers for your business, give a personalized look and feel to your brand with the Amazon store.

If you need professional advice to create an Amazon store or an A+ page of your brand, do not hesitate to contact us.

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