What is Amazon Affiliates and How to Make Money with the Program?

If you are already an Amazon affiliate or are thinking of becoming one, then this post is for you.


We know that Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, and as it has grown it has also designed new business models that are increasingly interesting for those who are part of or want to be part of this great e-commerce network. Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is everyone’s favorite, especially on dates like Black Friday where all affiliates prepare their products for the campaign


When you advertise an Amazon affiliate product on your website, you receive commissions, and what’s even better is that as an Amazon affiliate you can earn the commissions even if the customers who entered your product did not buy it, but decided to buy a different product than the one you had initially suggested. Being an Amazon affiliate will help you boost your additional monthly income very significantly. And of course, there are techniques that will allow you to improve your advertising strategy as an affiliate to promote the best products.


Today we are going to give you some tips that you can apply in your business to take a big leap to success as an Amazon affiliate by finding those products that offer more benefits when promoting them on your own website or blog. But in order to get a well-positioned blog that really helps you generate extra income, it’s important that you take a few steps into account before you start. And in this post we offer you a complete guide of everything you need to do to make your amazon affiliate blog a complete success.


To find out which are the products that generate the most profits on Amazon affiliates and you can offer them on your referral website, you have to go through a series of steps before getting to the step of publishing your post.


The key to success in boosting your revenue as an Amazon Affiliate is to start promoting the right products. But how do you know which product is right for you? Well, that’s what we’re going for.


The first step is:


Know the categories that generate the most profits on Amazon Associates


How do you know which category generates the most profits? The first reason why you decide to create your website for Amazon recommended products is because of the commissions offered by the Amazon Associates program. But do you know the percentage of commissions per category? Each category offers a different range in terms of percentage of profit.


Category: Fashion


The benefits offered by the Fashion category are between %-12% and encompass products such as: Clothing, footwear, watches, accessories, wallets, luggage and Amazon Fashion private labels.




Handmade products offer a 10% profit.


Health & Beauty


Personal Care, Health, Office & Stationery, Baby, Kindle Books, Beauty, and Pet Products offer a 7% benefit.




The household category comprises a profit margin between %-8%. In products such as furniture, DIY, home, kitchen and dining room, patio, lawn and garden, power and hand tools.




The hobbies category offers a profit margin between %-7%. In products for outdoor leisure, toys and games, sports and fitness items, toys, garden.


Other articles


Beers, wines, spirits, supermarket, cinema and TV, musical instruments offer a 5% profit.


Computer Products


Computer products such as audio, TV, photography, telephony and software offer a 3.5% profit.


Now that we know the profit margins offered by the various Amazon product categories, we now move on to the second step.


How to choose the product that generates the most profits?


Enjoying all those incredible advantages offered by the Affiliate Program also involves a large number of challenges that you will have to face whether you want to or not when doing affiliate marketing for Amazon.


With a quick glance we can see that the fashion category is the one that offers a higher percentage of profit compared to the others. But that doesn’t mean it’s the one that can give you the most benefits. Many affiliates make the mistake of promoting items of very low value because they have a high commission, that means that you can sell dozens of those items a day and all that effort generates an income of… 1 euro a day? . When it comes to identifying the product chosen to promote, the best recommendation we can give you is that first of all, you carry out a niche search and keyword research to be able to identify which product may be potential and which may not.


And now you may be wondering, but what is keyword research? What is it for? and Why is keyword research important? We’ll tell you more about it later…


Start Looking for a Niche That Will Make a Profit


The most frequently asked questions that are usually asked in this first step, which is where the niche to which the website will be dedicated is defined, many times are: Should I choose a niche that I am passionate about and create my site based on that to promote related products? Is it better to choose a niche that earns me more commissions? The truth is that there is no concrete answer to this.


But what is certain is that, when you choose your niche, it would be good to choose one that may interest you in the future, because in the end you will end up getting tired and your performance will decrease over time.


I think of the latest affiliate craze with the “finger spinners”, those toys that all the children had and that supposedly relaxed them… Well, at that time, finger spinners affiliate websites multiplied by 100! Hire a hosting, buy a domain name, set up a complete website, write the articles, hours and hours of work to position it in the top 10 of Google and be able to sell 10 spinners a day!! CONGRATULATIONS!


Now let’s do the math… 10 spinners at a price (taxable base) of 4 euros on average (and these were the expensive ones) = 40 euros per day of turnover.


In the best case, those 40 euros per day in the toy category (5%) are a profit of 2 euros per day!! A temporary product that in most cases has not even been enough to rent the hosting and much less compensate for the hours invested in the project. Conclusion, dozens of websites in Google’s graveyard (Archive.org)


If you are going to dedicate yourself to the content of your website or blog, the best thing to do is to choose a niche that gives you benefits in the medium / long term and if you don’t want to or don’t know how to write for SEO you can hire copywriters or newsrooms to write on your website, it will all depend on how much you want to invest in your affiliate website.


Identify the Best-Selling Items within that Niche


Now that you’ve decided on the niche of your website, and you’re pretty clear about where your website is going to go, then you’re ready for the next step, which is the search for the products you’re going to promote.


The “economical” way to do this is to enter the category of products related to your niche on the Amazon website and see what the best-selling products are. The PRO way is to hire tools like Jungle Scout or Helium10 to be able to search for those niches, then make a selection of the possible products you are thinking of publishing. Once you have your pre-selected products, it is time to do keyword research so that you know what are the keywords related to the products you have chosen and thus you can know the search volume they have, that way you can identify which are the products that have the most searches and then publish on your website.


Use high-value products


By using higher value products, your commissions will also be higher (remember spinners). This is not to say that it is not worth listing products that have low or intermediate selling prices, because if they sell a lot, you will also earn significant commissions since you may only sell one high-value product, while you can sell 100 low-value ones. It’s an account worth making so you can have a clearer view on this. However, it is a good option to promote higher-priced products. Remember that although we talk about low-value products, we will always refer to products with a minimum of 10 euros. Products under 10 euros are not worth working on amazon affiliates. Our recommendation is that you always work with products with a minimum value of 20 euros RRP on Amazon


Prime Label Products


Undoubtedly, the ease of purchase and shorter delivery times play a very important role in consumer decision-making. Amazon as always creates improvements in all its services, this time it has revolutionized e-commerce by making everything much easier with Amazon prime, where customers can enjoy benefits such as 1-day delivery services, priority access to offers, and many more benefits.


So when you decide to look for products to promote on your website, think about prime products as they will always be better positioned and will be much easier to sell


Conduct a study of your competition


Do a competitor study to find out what products they offer. Visit your competitors’ affiliate sites to get an idea of the products they’re advertising. That will give you ideas to know which products are competitive and that you can publish on your website.


Attract targeted traffic to your website


Most of the traffic you’ll receive on your website is from people who are looking for products, reviews, opinions, and product descriptions. So you can use keywords to get those users to find your website and visit it, and consequently see your products and make the decision to buy after seeing the content you’re offering. That’s why it’s important that you use the right keywords, previously studied, so that your SEO works properly.


Now that you have a clearer idea of the strategy you will use to create your referral website, we have also prepared a list of keyword research tools that we want to share with you, because it is incredible.


Keyword Research


Keyword research is a process of keyword research, and it allows you to identify which words may be potential for your niche. This process is what allows us to obtain data to optimize content in order to achieve a good positioning on the internet.


How can you make keyword research profitable for your affiliate marketing?


Millions of products are sold on Amazon, so logically it is impossible for you to create a link to each of the products sold on the Amazon website, but what you can do is make a thorough filter of products and select the most profitable.


Keyword research is one of the fundamental processes that must be done to generate good SEO. This is a process that once you get to know her, she will always be there to help you.


Keyword research is done to have a clearer view of the volume of searches that certain words related to a particular topic or the products that in this case you are thinking of promoting.


Keyword research is always going to depend on your needs, and the goal you want to achieve with that search. For example, if you are looking to position a makeup post, the keyword search you will do should be related to beauty, makeup and especially to the makeup products you mention in your post, since you can add words with good search volumes to the content.


The truth is that this is a fairly complete and functional technique, and if you want to have a good SEO on your website and positioning, this will be your faithful companion from now on.


What You Can Do With Keyword Research to Promote Products


You can make the most of this technique to create your Amazon affiliate website. So we’re going to tell you some strategies you can apply for your affiliate marketing on your website or blog from scratch.


Tools to do Keyword Research


What tools can be used to carry out KW research? We have the answer to your question, because we are going to give you the 5 best free tools so that you can carry out optimal keyword research with which you can make a better analysis to identify which product you are going to choose for your recommended blog.


A publication of recommended products should never be done blindly, the most important thing is to carry out a previous study before publishing a product, because otherwise, the chances of running the risk of not selling the product you recommend will be very high and the time you have invested in your post will have been wasted.


Keyword research tools are really useful, and some are able to provide more data than others, but any of these tools can be very useful, especially to get started.


The top 5 tools for doing KW research are:


Google Trends


The first tool we’re going to suggest is Google Trends. Maybe you’ve heard it somewhere. Google trends visualizes how search trends change over time, so it’s quite useful as it helps you get an idea of what the search trends are at the moment.


Enter a keyword and you will be able to visualize the relative popularity of that search in the last 12 months, and even, by typing the keyword you want to study you can visualize the last 5 years and notice if there are gradual declines between specific years and months. So if you have a blog or are thinking of having one, this tool will be quite useful because you will be able to identify what niche you are going to work in and what words you are going to use.


But this is not all that google trends can offer you, because there are also related searches. At the bottom of the page you can find a section called “related queries” which is actually quite useful to quickly discover search terms that are related to the one you initially made, this can give you alternatives to choose words more strategically.





Keyword Shitter


To know what the Keyword Shitter tool does, the truth is that you don’t need to have too much imagination. What you have to do to use this tool is type the keyword you want inside the box (you can type a lot of words) and then click on “Sh!it Keywords!”. This tool is capable of generating a lot of keywords, and to stop the search you just click on the same “Stop Job” button again.


Google Autocomplete


Google autocomplete is the result that google suggests to you when you are making a query in its search bar, it starts to appear when you start typing a search. It’s pretty basic, because it doesn’t show a lot of data, for example it doesn’t give search volumes or trend data, but it does have something that is quite interesting, and that is that you can use much more advanced filters and searches using “FootPrints”


Answer The Public


The answer the public tool is able to find questions, comparisons, alphabetical listings, and related searches. This tool works very well to optimize content and to make a website position well on the internet and you don’t need to subscribe, because you can use the free version.


Answer the public allows you to see what are the questions that people usually ask in relation to a particular topic, and that will allow you to use that data to your advantage when you make your posts, with content that serves as an answer to those questions, the truth is that it is a search engine that is quite complete.


Keywords Everywhere


Last but not least, we have the Keywords Everywhere tool, which is a free add-on for Chrome and also for Firefox. This tool adds search volume, CPC, and competitor data to your favorite websites and also works on Google, Amazon, Ebay, and many other websites. The data offered by this tool is all google data, and even if you do a search on Ebay or Amazon, the related data that the tool shows you will all be from google.


Sign up for the Amazon Associates program


The third step is to sign up for the Amazon Associates program. Once you’ve done your research, defined your niche, got your website ready, and have the potential products to promote on your website, it’s time to sign up for the Amazon Associates program.


Signing up is very simple, you just have to send the form provided by Amazon and fill it in with all the information requested, you send it and in a short time you will receive a response from Amazon with confirmation of acceptance or rejection in case you do not meet the requirements to be part of the Associates program.


In order to be part of the Amazon affiliate program you need to make at least 3 sales, and if you don’t get them, Amazon will not accept your application. To register your website has to comply with the policy established by Amazon, if your website is not suitable according to Amazon’s criteria, your website will be at risk of being banned.


Avoid Penalties


Your referral website must not contain content that encourages violence, must not contain defamatory material, must not promote discrimination, must not contain pornography, and must not violate intellectual property rights. So take great care of the content you decide to share on your blog, and always use 100% original content.


How to Get the Amazon Associates API


If your website complies with Amazon’s policies and conditions, and they determine that your website is eligible to be part of the Associates program, you will receive a response with the Affiliate API so that you can start promoting your products once you conclude the first 3 legitimate sales.


The Affiliate API grants access to Amazon.es’s product catalog and has advanced search tools that allow you to view product information such as product ratings, customer reviews, offers, and similar products.


5 Plugins for Amazon Associates


If you’re already part of the Amazon Associates program and you’ve gotten the API, you’re ready to learn about these Associates plugin recommendations. Start posting your recommended products on your blog easily and quickly.




The AAWP plugin is becoming one of the most popular thanks to the spectacular designs that can be made with this tool. You can create comparison tables, ad boxes with specific products, product classifications, and more. Nozamasol is the plugin we recommend the most to our affiliates.




Another plugin that is quite interesting is the EasyAzone to use in WordPress. This plugin makes things a lot easier because you can use it from your own post editing panel.


Another feature that is quite cool about this plugin is that it allows you to see what country your visitor is coming from to give them the corresponding affiliate code so that you don’t miss a single commission.


Conteng Egg


Conteng Egg is a super easy-to-use plugin and works perfect for working with the Amazon affiliate program. This plugin allows you to insert a box in your posts with the product you are going to promote and also allows you to add lists of products that you have selected yourself from Amazon.




ScrapeAzon is a plugin that also allows you to include in the posts or on the page of your choice the comments and opinions of Amazon users of the product you are promoting. It’s a very useful plugin because product reviews and ratings carry a lot of weight in a buyer’s decision-making.


This plugin is sure to bring you great benefits for your recommended products.




The Woozone plugin is one of the most complete plugins that can be found today to work with the Amazon Associates program. This plugin offers the possibility to select a product category or a specific product and click on search. It can help you locate all the products in the category you choose and will also allow you to import the products you want to your wordpress.


Are you ready to join the Amazon Associates program? At Nozama we have the best team of professionals who can advise you on everything you need.