Amazon Launchpad

What is Amazon Launchpad?

Gaining visibility and success in the market for an innovative or sustainable product can be a considerable challenge, especially in the initial stages. That’s why we’re here to support you. Amazon Launchpad represents a business support program designed to assist entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as startups, in launching and promoting their unique, innovative, or sustainable products on Amazon. This program offers a number of exclusive benefits to boost your business. Numerous leading brands around the world have turned to the tools provided by Amazon Launchpad for customer acquisition, merchandising strategies, and tactical support to improve their visibility and increase online sales.

What is Amazon Launchpad?

Amazon Launchpad is a program that helps entrepreneurs launch new brands and increase sales on Amazon, because its members can access benefits.

A large number of major brands around the world have used the tools offered by Amazon Launchpad to attract customers, provide merchandising, and strategic support to increase visibility and grow sales. Amazon Launchpad welcomes small and medium-sized brands and new startups with a unique selling proposition.


What’s in Amazon Launchpad?

  1. Customer Acquisition Tools

Thanks to these tools, you have the possibility to create personalized content as well as branded videos in order to attract and better inform your customers. Free translation services will help you sell in as many countries in Europe as you want. Amazon offers support to give you the ability to create and optimize your advertising.

  1. Amazon Merch

Amazon merchandising allows you to present your brand in specific storefronts in all countries in Europe. You will be able to enjoy free offers in addition to the most relevant promotional events of the large marketplace. On the other hand, you will have access, through prior invitation, to Amazon’s public relations and marketing initiatives.

  1. Strategic Support

Strategic support gives you the ability to identify business growth opportunities and gaps. It will also help you improve detail pages, create listings, and optimize your account. You will even be able to access the Amazon portal where you will find both webinars and online training. And finally, you will be able to participate in networking sessions in addition to face-to-face workshops.


What are the benefits of Amazon Launchapad?

  1. Business strategy support: Amazon Launchpad provides strategic guidance and resources to help participants effectively develop and execute their business strategy, including pricing advice, market positioning, and product launch planning.
  2. Customer Loyalty Tools: Amazon Launchpad participants have access to specific tools and resources designed to build customer loyalty, such as rewards programs, promotional coupons, and exclusive membership programs.
  3. Visibility on Amazon: Amazon Launchpad participants’ products receive increased visibility on the platform, through homepage highlights, personalized recommendations, and special labels that identify them as Launchpad products, increasing the chances of being discovered by customers.
  4. Global Expansion: Amazon Launchpad provides participants with the opportunity to expand their reach internationally, leveraging Amazon’s global footprint and accessing new markets and audiences around the world.


What are some of the product categories released on Amazon Launchpad?

  • Personal Care
  • Smart Home
  • Games & Toys