Amazon Live

What is Amazon Live?

If you sell on Amazon, it’s interesting to get to know Amazon Live. If you still don’t know what it is, pay attention to this post. From Nozama we are going to tell you what this new way of selling within the marketplace consists of. Imagine that you have your catalog on Amazon and that at the same time that you publish those products, you sell them. Sounds good, right? Well, the way Amazon Live works is something like this.

Discover with us the new way of selling on the marketplace.

What is Amazon Live?

It’s Amazon’s new platform, which is taking the marketplace by storm. It has been very positively received by all its customers.

A live video platform where Amazon presenters or influencers talk and show the products for sale within the marketplace. Their goal is to increase conversions and generate instant sales. It is a fairly complete tool, just below the video a carousel is loaded where the details of the products shown in the video appear. In that same carousel, customers can make their purchase. This way of shopping was born from the “LiveShopping” trend that is coming with great force from Asian markets.

It is currently a platform that is only available on Amazon US. But it’s very likely that Amazon Live will roll out to the rest of the international markets in the coming months. We will be waiting during these weeks to help you and make sure that you are the first to start using it.

What are the benefits of Amazon Live?

We are going to give you the reasons why at Nozama we believe that it can be a great option to reinvent yourself and sell more. We all know that live streaming is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Amazon Live allows you to reach all customers of the world’s largest marketplace.

The first advantage we want to highlight is that it is a completely free platform. The only condition they put is that you have your trademark registered on Amazon. If you don’t know how to register your trademark in the marketplace, contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What are the benefits of Amazon Live?

1- Boost your brand’s visibility and awareness. It’s a new way to get discovered by potential customers. Live streaming offers you a unique opportunity to showcase your products to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

2- Offer exclusive live only offers and promotions. During your live stream, you can offer special promotions that only your viewers will be able to take advantage of. This will boost the urgency of purchase as it will only be available for a limited time.

3- Take advantage of the interaction with your viewers. It is of great importance that you can interact and even chat with your viewers. This platform includes the live chat feature during the broadcast. Thanks to this feature, you can solve all the queries you get about your brand or product. Take advantage of that and explain to them why they have to buy from you and not others. Take advantage and differentiate yourself from the rest.

4- Opportunity to build customer loyalty. Viewers can follow your brand. You can encourage people who see you in those videos to follow your brand’s page on Amazon. This way, they can receive notifications every time you post. It’s a great way to promote and launch a new product line.

5- Your videos will appear in your product listings. Once they’re done, they’ll appear on your product detail page directly below the images. This is great for people who discover your product through search. This way they can learn more about what your product is or how it works.

6- It appears on Amazon’s homepage. If your videos are good, they increase your followers and recommendations on the marketplace. Amazon won’t think twice about showing your videos on the front page and getting to know you.


When to Broadcast?

You’ll be able to make these live videos when it’s most convenient for your business. You don’t need to schedule an appointment with Amazon.

From Nozama we give you a tip for when you start using it. Make those videos at a time when there tend to be the most sales. Do your sales increase after 6:00 p.m.? Well, it broadcasts from that time on. This will lead to more conversions.

As we have mentioned before, this platform is not yet available in our country or in the European market. But there is very little left and we are already preparing to learn more about it. If you sell on Amazon and are interested in obtaining the benefits offered by Amazon Live, we are happy to help you.

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