Amazon Pay

What is Amazon Pay?

Thanks to the Amazon Pay service, you have the possibility to offer consumers a secure, fast and easy-to-configure payment experience by using the information they have saved in their Amazon account.

This service supports sellers and buyers through multi-currency functionality.

Amazon Pay Service

Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service created by Amazon. This service was launched in the year 2007, Amazon Pay employs its consumer base and is focused on providing users with the option to pay with their Amazon accounts on third-party merchant websites.

How does Amazon Pay work?

Amazon Pay offers businesses much more than just a payment solution. It comprises both solutions and technical support, as well as a payment experience recognized by many millions of buyers of the great Marketplace around the world.

This Amazon service has several payment options which are as follows:

1. Web

Amazon Pay is an online payment service that integrates with your website.

2. Mobile Devices

This Amazon service is also created for mobile, so that shoppers have the ability to pay through their device.

3. Voice

With Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, your customers can shop much easier. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

What are the benefits for both you and your customer on Amazon Pay?


For your customer

  • Simple and fast payment.
  • A secure checkout process that preserves personal information.
  • Purchases that meet the above criteria are preserved by Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee.
  • A single account works for thousands of websites.
  • Donate or buy by voice.

For you

  • It helps you increase conversions.
  • It can help you reduce purchase abandonment.
  • A payment method that many millions of Amazon customers know and trust.
  • Facilitated checkout process across many channels.
  • Voice commerce to retain customers with motivation.


What types of transactions are available in Amazon Pay?


  1. Immediate Charge
  2. Deferred Payments
  3. Recurring Payments
  4. Simultaneous one-time and recurring purchases
  5. Return


What’s in it for you?

1. Inspires confidence

You can offer many millions of Amazon customers a familiar and fast payment solution.

2. Removes barriers in the checkout process

Buyers have the ability to make their purchases using their Amazon account. This way, they don’t need to create a new account, nor do they have to include their credit card details.

3. Promote voice shopping

Thanks to Amazon Pay for Alexa skills, you can interact with your customers by voice, so you can join the new era of e-commerce.

How do I get started with Amazon Pay?

It’s easy! All you have to do is sign up.

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