Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Prime? The main advantages of this service

Have you heard of Amazon Prime? You may be familiar with this service offered by Amazon. Amazon offers a totally free trial period for one month for you to try this service, after the trial period you can acquire Amazon Prime for a small price: if you decide to pay it month by month you would pay €3.99, on the other hand, if you decide to make the annual payment it would be €36.00 which would imply paying €3.00 per month.

What are the advantages of Amazon Prime?

Generally, Amazon Prime’s service is famous for access to faster shipping on select items, more than two million select products, with free shipping. You will have your order the next day at home, all this without the need to reach a minimum expense in your online purchases.

But Amazon Prime is so much more than this! Prime users have multiple benefits and services that you might not know about that will simply surprise you.


1. Flash Deals

Every so often, Amazon releases a Flash Sale, ranging from limited-time discounts to limited-unit product launches. If you have previously contracted Amazon Prime, you have the opportunity to access these offers 30 minutes before they are launched on the platform for the rest of the users, so you won’t be left without it!

2. Prime Day

Prime Day is one of Amazon’s most exclusive events. It is an event that is held from its own website in more than 13 countries around the world. It is usually held during the month of July or August for two days in which you can take advantage of the biggest discounts on millions of products within Amazon.

3. Free & Fast Shipping on Millions of Products

We know that Amazon cares about its customers and adapts to what they need. Free and fast shipping are the most well-known thing about Amazon Prime, but there are several more features about shipping that you may not know about and are wasting valuable time waiting for your Amazon orders.

Delivery Today

Do you want your order to arrive the same day? It’s possible!

  • This service is available for FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) products, or in other words, the products that Amazon fulfills and ships.
  • Place your order from Monday to Friday during the morning to receive it in the afternoon from 18:30-22:00.
  • Only available on orders from €29.

Delivery in 1, 2 or 3 days

Place your order on Amazon with no minimum purchase required and enjoy shipping in 1, 2 or 3 days at your home.

  • More than two million products available for this service.
  • Shipments available on weekends (for selected postcodes, check the website in advance).
  • Includes shipments to pick-up points within your city.

Delivery on weekends

This service does not require an additional cost. With Amazon Prime it is possible to receive your orders on Saturdays and Sundays without any problems.

  • For selected postcodes, check the website in advance.
  • Available with 1, 2 and 3 day delivery services.
  • You have the option to turn it off if you want.

Delivery in Amazon Locker

Sound familiar? Amazon Locker is a kind of self-service lockers, some at street level, where you can pick up the orders you place on Amazon your mism@.

  • Available on more than two million products.
  • Available with 1, 2 and 3 day delivery services.
  • You can search for the nearest Amazon Locker and pick up your order whenever you want.
  • Amazon will provide you with a code that you must then enter in the Amazon Locker for collection.

Drop-off at Pick-Up Points

Pick-up points are not the same as Amazon Locker, please note. Pick-up points can range from local businesses (Celeritas or UPS Access Points), to offices of shipping companies such as Correos or SEUR. With this service you can place an order today and receive it the next day wherever you want.

  • There are thousands of collection points in Spain, check by your area.
  • You have 14 days after the delivery confirmation email at the collection point to pick up your order.
  • Pick up your order by showing the tracking number of the order and the identity document.
  • If you do not pick up your order within that period of time, it will be returned to Amazon and the amount will be refunded.
  • Not all products are available with this shipping method, you must meet a number of requirements before shipping:
  • Maximum size of 140 cm3.
  • It should not weigh more than 15 kg.
  • It must not contain harmful materials.

Launch Day Delivery

With Amazon Prime you have the possibility to pre-order thousands of products in pre-order enjoying free shipping.

  • Available in products from the categories Books, DVDs and Video Games.
  • Available with 1-day delivery services.
  • Receive your order the same day it launches.

Deliveries in 2 hours

Surely more than once you would have wished that your order arrived at the moment you needed it and that if possible that moment would be already. At the moment, shipping methods have not evolved to that level, but Amazon makes it possible for you to have your order in no more and no less than 2 HOURS with its Prime Now service.

  • Free service.
  • Available on thousands of products.
  • Available only in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville.
  • Only for select zip codes within such communities.
  • If you are in a hurry and want your order to arrive in 1 HOUR you have the option of paying a supplement of €5.90 in Barcelona and €6.90 in Madrid and Valencia.


4. Prime Video

Now with Amazon Prime you can enjoy unlimited series and movies. Here are some ideas for you to have a good time alone or with your family with the most watched series and movies today on Amazon Prime Video:

  • A quiet place.
  • The Terminator.
  • Late Night.
  • Clue.

5. Prime Music

With your Amazon Prime subscription, enjoy your Spotify and music without any interruption. More than two million selected songs where you can listen to your favorite artists even without coverage and/or wifi, just download the songs you want on your smartphone.

6. Prime Photos

The cloud, sound familiar? With Prime Photos, enjoy unlimited storage of your photo gallery.

  • It has enhanced search and organization features to keep track of all your photos.
  • You can invite and share photos with up to 5 people in your family. They can also have the same unlimited storage as you.
  • You can access Prime Photos from your PC, mobile, or tablet.

7. Prime Reading

Enjoy unlimited reading on Amazon. Thousands of eBooks of all literary genres for children and adults at your disposal wherever and whenever you want, since you can do it from any device. Download the free Kindle app on your PC, mobile or tablet and immerse yourself in the world of literature.

8. Prime Gaming

This service is not as well known as the others, and with Amazon Prime you can get multiple benefits along with your Twitch account (streaming platform) with Prime Gaming.

  • You can get a free game every month at the click of a button on the Prime Gaming website. It’s that easy
  • Purchase loot and starter packs for your games and content, such as emoticons or colors for your chats, and thus differentiate yourself as a Prime user.
  • Every month you can subscribe to a channel on Twitch and receive exclusive news
  • In case you are the streamer of the Twitch channel with Prime Gaming, benefit from the storage of your videos for up to 60 days.


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