Qué es Payoneer

What is Payoneer?

Are you a company? Autonomous? Particular? Did you know that as an Amazon Seller you can receive your payments directly on your Payoneer card? How do you usually make your transfers? Do you usually pay commissions for making them? When you do them, do you complete them quickly, successfully, or with delays? Are you collecting your bills late? Stay and read this post and I will clarify all the doubts you have.

I’d like to tell you about “Payoneer”, and forget about paying scandalous commissions and suffering delays with your collections and money transfers. This platform will facilitate your cross-border B2B payments in more than 200 countries and 160 currencies. After explaining some aspects, I will place special emphasis on one, of the many advantages offered by this platform, and that is that it will allow you to integrate several payment sources, I will give you an example, it will allow you to have, under the same account, the payments of your online store and payments made from Amazon.


How does Payoneer help me?

It helps you pay and get paid, globally, I put you in a situation, so that you better understand what this platform is all about. Imagine that one user pays another, and the currency is different, Payoneer automatically calculates the currency exchange or currency, this is the main advantage why it differs from other platforms, but I want you to know everything it offers you.

This is an online money transfer payment and sending platform for businesses and freelancers. Companies that make payments to contractors and suppliers, receive payments from customers, or are looking to convert currencies, Payoneer is the best of the solutions, to carry it out. Freelancers can receive payments directly to their Payoneer accounts from online marketplaces and networks. You’ll be able to get paid in multiple currencies, invoice your international customers, and sell on marketplaces around the world. It will allow you to pay foreign business expenses at a low cost.


What Benefits Does Payoneer Offer Me?

As I told you, it is a platform that offers several tools to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world, quickly and easily. Below is a list of some of the many benefits you will get from using this platform.

  • Currency conversion, i.e. converts the foreign currency to your local currency automatically.
  • You will be able to link a credit card to your Payoneer account. You will get a “Payoneer” card with which you can withdraw money at ATMs, which are authorized, in different countries around the world.
  • You will be able to make payments with that card, at different points of sale.
  • Totally free card.
  • Low fees and commissions.
  • Creation and registration of your Payoneer account, free of charge.
  • Accept multiple sources of payment. It will allow you to receive Amazon payments on your Payoneer card.
  • It allows you to link up with billing systems.
  • It offers fast payments, in a few seconds you will have your money safely.
  • You have no limit to receiving or sending money.
  • Being a Seller on Amazon I Will Be Able to Receive My Payments with Payoneer

As I mentioned before, one of the advantages offered by Payoneer is that it accepts several sources of payment, that is, if, for example, you have an online store in which you sell your products, and you also sell them on Amazon, this platform will allow you to integrate several accounts, in the same one, thus allowing you to collect the profits of the purchases made by customers, through your website and those made through Amazon.


If you are going to expand your company abroad, Payoneer is a very advantageous option, it is very easy to associate your seller account with that of this platform and you will be able to transfer all your Amazon earnings.

I assure you that your sales processes will be much easier, Payoneer is considered one of the most reliable companies for this type of commercial activities. Amazon, the Marketplace par excellence, has selected Payoneer as the featured payment solution for its sellers, in “Amazon Seller Central”.


How do I associate my Seller Account with Payoneer Step by Step?

I want to help you with this process, you will see that it is really simple and that it will be very advantageous for you. Let’s take it step by step. You’re already looking forward to associating your seller account and benefiting from all the advantages of this platform, right? Here we go! We have 2 situations: you already have a Payoneer account, or you don’t have one yet. Let’s go with the first case, you already have a Payoneer account:

  • Log in to Amazon Seller Central, and sign in.
  • If you look closely, you can see that within your Amazon account details you have the option Set up your deposit method. In the Bank Location field, you must select United States.
  • Fill in your banking information with your Payoneer account details to associate it with Amazon.
  • You will be able to click Next, once you have completed all the information they ask for.
  • Finally, you’ll need to fill in the rest of the information related to your market.
  • Situation 2, you don’t have a Payoneer account yet, no problem, because it’s quick and easy to do:
  • To register and create your account, you must do it through their website, here is the link where you can register.
  • You’ll also be able to set up an account from Amazon, in Bank Location, (which I mentioned earlier in step 2), select the country you reside in, and then select how you’d like to receive payments from Amazon.
  • If you want to withdraw money at ATMs and spend the funds online at the same time, you’ll need to click Sign up for a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard.
  • The next step is to click on Register for Payoneer, follow the prompts and it will take you to the Payoneer registration application process.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you will receive an email with your account details, easy, right?


What Fees Does Payoneer Charge Me?


As I have indicated before, the creation of the account and registration is free, as well as obtaining the card, but I do want you to know, that at the moment you make a transaction, Payoneer applies a commission.

Unlike many other platforms or apps, the commission charged by Payoneer is not comparable. This platform is characterized, among many other things, by its really low commissions.

The fees are different, depending on whether you transact online or with your credit card. The maintenance of the card will be €25 per year, a very low commission isn’t it?, what I was going to say, the commissions of the transactions, which you make online, will have a commission of 1% on the total, while if you make them with the card it will be a commission of €1.50, keep in mind that this commission, This fee may vary depending on the country in which you use it.


I hope I have helped you to understand this platform better, and that you can start using it, and make those transactions quickly, easily and at a low cost.


See you soon!