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What is the Amazon Associates Program?

Are you an active seller on Amazon? Then you are one of those who are looking to constantly innovate and are up to date with all the news of Amazon. In this post, we’ll tell you about the Amazon Associates Program.

We’ll help you get to know and learn all about the Amazon Associates program, better known as the Amazon Associates program, so you can monetize and drive external traffic to your Amazon listings.

Amazon Associates is Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing program that has more than 800,000 members worldwide and has been around for more than 2 decades. You can also participate in the Amazon Associates program if you are a website owner, or if you are an Amazon brand seller.

Brand owners who are within Amazon can take advantage of Amazon Associates’ free program to drive external traffic to their product detail pages on Amazon and at the same time, this same program allows them to monetize this traffic.

According to Amazon, if you have your own website, whether it’s an online store or blog, through your website you can refer your customers to buy your Amazon product through links, banners and widgets, and best of all, plus you can gain more traffic to your Amazon products and have more reach to reach more customers every time through other channels, is that you also earn an advertising fee that is calculated as a percentage % of purchase price.

What benefits do I get if I am part of the Amazon Associates program?

By subscribing to the Amazon associates program, you already start earning, but what do you gain? We’ll tell you about it below:

-You can funnel relevant traffic from your website directly to your Amazon listings (which generates more traffic and consequently, sales because you are increasing your reach even outside the Amazon marketplace by using your website as a “bridge” to get more users looking for your product).

If you do it right, you can recoup the investment you’re making in other areas of Amazon (such as long-term storage fees or advertising expenses).

-The good thing about links is that they take the customer directly to the point of purchase, which is where they probably want to end up after browsing the product of interest.

How to Get Started at Amazon Associates

First and foremost, we recommend that you make sure to read the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement to ensure that you understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the program.

Amazon mentions that it is looking for partners who are “an added value” for Amazon customers, so we recommend that you review your websites, mobile apps, and social media to make sure you meet the requirements.

Another important thing about the matter is that you should always keep in mind, although it may seem the least relevant, it turns out that it is quite the opposite, and that is that the content you share on your sites must be original and solid and you must have at least 10 publications that are open to the public, and the content must not be more than 60 days old so it has to be relatively new.

On your website you will have to include your contact information, since what you hope to achieve with your website would be to include topics related to Amazon, which is where you will have the links that will take users to your listings. At this point, you’ll need to know how to drive traffic to your websites as well, how to build links, and you know how many visits your site gets each month.

Once you’ve submitted your application to Amazon to be part of this program, and your application is approved, you’ll receive access to Partner Central and can start earning money from sales derived from your links.

Reports of your earnings and the traffic you generate are available in Associates Central and you can use it to find out what products were sold and your profits, which are paid monthly. You can also make inquiries to find out what’s new, new, and available through the program.

While you incorporate static URLs linked to partners on the homepage of your website and you can also promote your partners’ links through social networks such as facebook, instagram, etc., so that you can drive shoppers directly to Amazon.

If you want to expand much more about Amazon Associates to be part of the Amazon Associates program, we invite you to visit our post on how to make money with Amazon Associates where you will find incredible tricks and tips that will help you get the most out of the Associates program by monetizing your websites.

Earn money and reach more and more people using the Amazon Associates program.

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