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What is the Amazon’s Choice Badge and how to get it?

There are different ways to instill confidence in buyers so that they decide whether to buy a product, many take into account not only the price, but also other aspects such as reviews, the shopping experience of other customers, comments about the product whether it is good quality or not, whether it is worth buying, and so on. But there’s also something called Amazon’s Choice Badge, which is a badge that is displayed on the product once the search results are released and can sometimes also be seen on the products on the homepage.

That an item has the Amazon’s Choice badge in November coinciding with Amazon’s Black Friday means that it is a product chosen and recommended by Amazon, automatically the product that has this badge will stand out notoriously from the competition, this thanks to the fact that Amazon is a very large and recognized company where today it is a leader in the e-commerce sector in the world, And logically, it instills total confidence in consumers thanks to that.

All the suggestions and recommendations made by Amazon on its website are visited and taken into consideration either because the customer is looking for a product and does not know if they want to buy it or which one to choose among all the offers, and the first reaction that occurs, is that when they see the product they are looking for with the Amazon’s Choice badge they go to the detail page, But why does it happen? because seeing that it is a suggestion that Amazon is making and will make the potential customer directly think that you are a safe seller, it is a good price and the estimated shipping time is the fastest, which will probably make you decide on that product instead of another one not recommended by Amazon.

What Can You Do to Increase Your Chances of Earning the Amazon’s Choice Badge?

Knowing that consumers allow a wide variety of aspects to influence their decisions when buying on Amazon and that some of the items may receive a badge that says “Amazon’s Choice” at the top, which serves to attract shoppers by being clearly labeled with the Amazon brand, which gives them credibility and stimulates the trust of buyers in this post we are going to give you all the help you need. information you need on how to increase your chances of earning the Amazon’s Choice badge on your products.

Amazon’s Choice got its start a few years ago as a way to make shopping easier for customers by highlighting highly-priced, well-priced products, ready to be sent immediately for the most popular searches on Amazon. Allowing customers to make quick and easy decisions about what they want to buy. Amazon’s Choice is just a recommendation, customers can always order specific brands or products if they wish.

For sellers and brands that operate on Amazon, earning this badge on an item or group of items in their catalog can provide high-impact results because they would bring more traffic and conversion. You can’t request that your items be selected as “Amazon’s Choice” yourself, but offering high-quality, competitively priced items will increase your chances of receiving the seal of approval.

According to Business Insider, Amazon has explained how it determines which products earn the badge. The characteristics that items typically have are a low return rate, high customer rating, high availability, very competitive prices, and regular purchase by customers who make similar search queries. However, there is no complete list of requirements that applies to all items that have received the ID card.

For each product search, only one item is named “Amazon’s Choice” and it’s not always the first one that appears in organic search results. Although the item sometimes appears below the fold, it’s hard not to see it with the prominent Amazon badge.

Amazon also gives the label to different products based on the keywords used. For example, if you search for “Hair Dryer” and then “Hair Dryer,” the results will show two different items labeled “Amazon’s Choice.” In an increasing number of cases, Amazon includes a bulleted list that shows why a product was selected.

By regularly monitoring the traffic and conversion rates of items in your catalog, you’ll be able to more effectively understand the factors that drive accelerated sales velocity, which in turn will positively impact your ability to receive an “Amazon’s Choice” badge. Ensure the optimization of product listings and good seller performance metrics, as well as the strength of the account, so you need to be careful when it comes to increasing the chances of getting the recommendation badge.