Why is selling on Amazon the best option you can opt for?


We all know the global reach that Amazon has had over the last few years and we also imagine the great capital that its CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, must have for it… Just to tell you that currently, according to Forbes magazine, he is in the number 1 position among the most millionaires in the world, he has a net worth of more than 100 billion dollars!

But today, we won’t talk about how to get rich or millionaires, but how to take advantage of this ecommerce platform to start selling on Amazon with your online business.

Before we start, I will give you some very important data to keep in mind and that is that the Amazon website is visited more than 150 million times a month, has more than 300 million registered accounts of fully active buyers (like you and me) and finally generates more than 100 billion dollars. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Below, I will tell you what makes this platform number 1 for most buyers so that you can consider being part of it as a great seller.


Generate in your Products the Credibility and Trust that Amazon gives

Selling on Amazon has never been easier because, by uploading your products to this platform, you as a seller immediately gain credibility and trust. This is because many online shoppers choose to buy a product on Amazon rather than any other store they haven’t seen or heard of.

There are still countries where the business model of online shopping does not have the same popularity as it can have in Europe, which is why, in most of these cases, Amazon is your first purchase option.

In addition, Amazon has known how to play its cards very well and offers 24-hour shipping, music, series, movies and discounts with its Amazon Prime plan, benefits as added value to its brand, which for a modest annual or monthly price more than 100 million people in the world already enjoy.

With all the users who are part of the Amazon community, can you imagine the impact that your product can have within this Marketplace? Unbelievable, right?


Increase the Visibility of your Brand and/or Product

It’s very simple, as we mentioned before, Amazon is one of the most visited websites, millions of users arrive daily from all over the world.

User traffic on the web is constant and does not need any web positioning such as SEO or SEM, so think about the exponential growth that your potential audience would have, not to mention sales.

It doesn’t matter if you register your seller account on Amazon in a specific country, the reach will still be global, but depending on the type of seller you are, it’s still up to you whether or not to sell in foreign markets.


You Can Position Yourself in the International Market

Amazon’s large platform has a direct presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada and China, being able to sell to all places in the world, except to 7 for economic and social reasons by the United States government. These countries are: Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Sudan, and South Sudan.

That is why it is quite easy to start selling in the different markets, the ideal in this case, whether you are a wholesale or retail seller, is that you start your online business by testing your product in the national market and observe how your target audience reacts. If you’re generating more sales than expected, it’s time to expand internationally.

Recently, we talked about some strategies that you can use from Amazon and that will undoubtedly help you reach more people and grow exponentially as a brand: How to Apply Promotions on Your Amazon Products


Increase Your Sales Exponentially

All sellers who come to Amazon do so with a single goal (which they have clearly defined) and that is to earn more. Yes, of course selling more and earning more is the most important goal for Amazon sellers, and it is a completely achievable goal, but for this it is essential to know all the tools that can help us give that boost to our brand and our product.

The increase in your sales within Amazon could be exponential without a doubt. The most important thing at this point is that you define a good advertising strategy to market your product within Amazon, because the better your Amazon Marketing strategy is to achieve a good organic positioning and be competitive, the results you will be able to see sooner than you think.



Did you know that being a seller on Amazon is faster and easier than you think?

From Amazon’s home page they explain how to start selling step by step.

You will only need to read all the information that the website gives you in case you have any doubts along the way, fill in the registration fields and start listing your products as an official Amazon seller.

There is no major complication, you can start selling online from one day to the next for a monthly subscription fee or for a small amount of money per item sold.

An added advantage is that you don’t have to think about web design as if it were your own page, you will have to worry only and exclusively about managing your product catalog.


Do you want to sell on Amazon?, with Nozama Solutions it is possible. We design strategies and provide you with totally personalized advice focused on your brand. Start selling on Amazon and enjoy the great benefits and growth opportunities that this immense marketplace has for you. Contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to help!