revolución sistema compra-venta

Amazon and the revolution of the global buying and selling system


It’s been almost 30 years since the world saw the birth of Amazon, the e-commerce giant. Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine life without it, as shopping online makes everyone’s life much easier.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to use your computer or mobile, Amazon offers a very friendly and intuitive interface that will allow you to buy almost anything in just a few seconds. But, as hard as it may be to believe – especially for the younger generations – shopping wasn’t always so quick and easy.

In the following lines, we will summarize how the best-known marketplace has revolutionized the way we shop today. You can’t miss it!


Transformation from the start

Did you know that Amazon started selling books? Just as you read it! The change has been brutal, both in the outside world and within e-commerce itself.

In the same way that we went from just getting books to finding a huge supply of products waiting to be discovered and delivered to your home, the transformation in the purchase of goods and services has been quite modified. Find out what the process was like:

  • Convenience: As we mentioned, now from almost anywhere and with a few clicks you can buy a wide variety of products and have them with you within a few days. Before, you had to go to the stores, choose each product, make the economic transactions and return home. If patience isn’t one of your fortes, you may find the original system appealing; however, at Nozama we value more the convenience of shopping from a quiet and calm place and the enormous advantage of not having to move. A real luxury!
  • Price reduction: A trend towards price reductions has been observed in many products, which greatly benefits customers. The business model offered by Amazon allows costs to be competitive since customers have the possibility to compare similar items and choose those buyers who offer better deals. Thanks to this, we have the possibility of choosing products whose value for money is attractive to us without having to travel to different physical stores. Research work without leaving home.
  • Access to the global market: At first glance we might think that this point benefits the seller more, and thanks to the creation of Amazon, some retailers have seen how their business can expand not only nationally but internationally. Let’s think, for example, of a company that started having a Seller account in Spain: over time these sellers have been able to see how Amazon expands the number of European platforms in which it works and today they have the possibility of marketing their products in the country and in the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Poland, etc. Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium – sounds good, doesn’t it? But, if we think about it more carefully, it’s not just sellers who benefit from it… Because of this expansion, we can now have easy access to products from other regions. It’s a triple win: customers win, sellers win, and Amazon wins.


Innovation of sectors and new sources of work

One of the wonders that Amazon has achieved is being able to revolutionize sectors that already existed before its creation. Such is the case of logistics which, thanks to the emergence and enormous development of the marketplace, has evolved in such a way that deliveries can be made more and more quickly and effectively to meet the expectations of end customers and the sales giant. It has also positioned itself as a pioneer in fast and low-cost deliveries thanks to its Prime service.

Technology is another sector that has seen transformations since the creation of Amazon. Does the acronym AWS ring a bell? Amazon Web Services is a platform created to offer services such as data storage, databases, artificial intelligence and security that allows companies and developers around the world to create and manage applications, as well as scale businesses securely and quickly without the need to invest in infrastructure since it is built in the cloud. Alexa, the famous virtual home assistant, is also a development of Amazon. You do know her and you even have her in your own home!

Finally, it deserves a special mention of the fact that thanks to the creation of Amazon and its innovative business model, many people now have a job. We are not only referring to product sellers, we also want to mention the entire staff of the virtual store itself: warehouse staff, shipping, customer service, business development, IT professionals… the list is endless! And, of course, companies like Nozama that will help you get the most out of this trading platform.

As you can see, Amazon has greatly transformed the way we shop today. So much so, that in just 30 years it is beginning to seem impossible to imagine that the only way to buy products was in person. That’s the real scope of technology, revolutionary ideas, and functional business models.