Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant, Amazon’s assistant with which you can boost your sales

Amazon Assistant is an Amazon extension that helps users search for products and compare prices when shopping online. Regardless of the search engine they are using to make their purchases, Amazon Assistant will show customers those products that are also available on Amazon.

Amazon’s assistant is free and works automatically in your browser. To use it, customers only need to have an Amazon account and an internet connection. Amazon Assistant is available as an extension for the main browsers on the PC (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera) and also as an app on Android.

How to take advantage of Amazon Assistant to boost your sales?

Amazon Assistant is an ideal add-on that allows consumers to save time and money when shopping online. When users search for a product in their browser, the extension scans its availability on Amazon and displays the most relevant offers at the top of the screen, as a banner.


Amazon Assistant

If you want customers to quickly and easily locate your products with Amazon Assistant, pay attention to the following recommendations and remember that Amazon is known for offering its customers highly competitive prices.

Define your pricing strategy

Amazon’s A9 algorithm prioritizes those who offer a competitive price, including shipping rates. In fact, 80% of the algorithm is based on price and the remaining 20% responds to other performance parameters. If your product is competitively priced against the competition and has a good sales history, you’ll have a good chance of appearing among Amazon Assistant’s recommendations.

Meets customer expectations

Fulfill your obligations as a salesperson and make sure you have a good sales history. Amazon takes into account user opinions and ratings in the short and long term. If you want to achieve a good positioning on the platform, avoid having a high return rate for your orders.

Optimize delivery times

The faster you ship products, the more likely you are to appear among Amazon Assistant’s recommendations. Amazon considers its own shipping and delivery service to be the most efficient, it tries to make more than 97% of deliveries on time if you are an FBM seller. In any case, make sure you have a good score in the rest of the platform’s parameters.

Identify sales opportunities

Anticipate the most important times of the year to respond to customer needs. You can create offers and promotions to increase the visibility of your products and win sales opportunities against the competition.

In addition to boosting your sales, with these actions you will be able to improve your positioning on Amazon, achieve branding and improve your brand image on the platform. If you need advice or have questions about how to manage your Amazon account, please contact Nozama Solutions.

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