Programa logístico Amazon

Amazon Fulfillment Program Heavy & Bulky Products

  • Amazon’s fulfillment program allows you to choose between two shipping options, scheduling or arranging the delivery date with the buyer to ensure that they receive the order at their home.
  • Amazon streamlines communication with its customers with the goal of reducing failed deliveries of items that cost FBM and FBA a lot of money.


Amazon offers logistics programs for Sellers who have a catalog of heavy and bulky products to save on shipping costs and times, either by using their own fulfillment (FBM) or Amazon’s (FBA).

This program is designed to ensure that deliveries of large items, such as sofas, appliances or sports equipment, will be able to be carried out without problems, since the customer is informed in advance so that he is at home at the time of receiving them.

What is Amazon’s “Heavy & Bulky Products” fulfillment program for FBA?

Sellers who join this program and use FBA logistics can store their heavy and bulky products in Amazon’s specialized fulfillment centers, so that the platform itself is responsible for shipping them to the customer and managing returns.

Although there are slight variations depending on the country, items suitable in Spain must be between 1.75 and 3 m long, weigh between 31.5 and 120 kg or be 3.6 to 8 m in circumference.

Likewise, the national logistics management fees for products under 20 kg are €15.38, €21.57 if they weigh between 20 to 40 kg and €29.99 for 40 to 60 kg. For items exceeding 60 kg, €0.43 will be added for each additional kilo.

This Amazon fulfillment program offers all customers the Amazon Guarantee and enhanced delivery options. It also allows sellers to access other programs like Partnered Carrier and Amazon Global Logistics, which make domestic and international shipping easier.

How does it work for sellers on FBM?

Sellers who manage their own logistics (FBM) can also benefit from this Amazon fulfillment program if they have products that weigh more than 30 kg, are more than 1.5 m long, or have a circumference diameter greater than 3 m.

If they meet these requirements, they can request a template from Amazon with two shipping options: arranged delivery and scheduled delivery. In the first, buyers receive a prompt to arrange delivery by phone, text, or email. And, in the second, they are the ones who can choose, through a calendar that appears at the end of their purchase, the time and delivery date on which they want to receive their order.

Thanks to this program, they will avoid the costs of missed deliveries, keep their customers’ contact details up to date and better calculate shipping costs, as they will be able to set prices by region.

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