Amazon Renewed

“AMAZON RENEWED”: What is it and how can you benefit from selling refurbished products?

Refurbishing products and selling them can be a good business opportunity on Amazon.

Requirements vary by category, though it’s usually a program reserved for the best sellers.

As a seller, you may come across products that have been returned, have a defect, or whose packaging has been deformed. In the past, all of these products were loss-making, but with the Amazon Renewed program, you have the option to give them a second life.

Below, we’re going to explain the ins and outs of this program in depth so that you can consider it as an option to sell on Amazon.


What is Amazon Renewed?

It is a program designed to market refurbished products, second-hand or with open packaging, as long as they exceed minimum quality conditions. This makes the sale price lower, which is an incentive for many customers, and a good opportunity to liquidate these items from your warehouse.

As always, for Amazon, the customer comes first, so the conditions and requirements that both sellers and products have to meet are quite strict. On the one hand, all items are subjected to certain tests that certify that they work perfectly and that they have an acceptable physical appearance. On the other hand, only sellers with the best performance and quality results can be part of this program.

This is Amazon’s way of making sure sellers are trained to deliver quality refurbished products.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we can’t sell just any product. Allowed categories are: phones, cameras, headphones, televisions, consoles, air conditioners, audio receivers and amplifiers, video players, microphones, displays, speakers, and tablets. Any other products will be excluded from the program.


How the condition of products is rated

Once you’re enrolled in the Amazon Renewed program, your products will be tagged based on their status, i.e.:

  • Like new: the item is in perfect condition, but the packaging is damaged.
  • Very good: it is in very good condition, has been used very little and works perfectly. It can have small physical defects imperceptible at more than 30 cm.
  • Good: the product shows signs of moderate use, but the operation is perfect.
  • Acceptable: The item may show clear signs of having been used but works properly.


Despite this, the packaging does not have to be the original in any of the cases, since one of the purposes of this program is to be able to sell those products whose packaging is not in perfect condition. In addition, except for those items categorized under the “like-new” label, non-essential accessories may not be included, and in the case of “good” and “acceptable” products, essential parts or accessories may be missing for their operation.

All products in this program are subject to Amazon’s return policy, just like all other new items. In addition, they have a one-year warranty, which entitles you to a replacement or a refund if the product does not work as expected.


How can you start selling on Amazon Renewed?

Now that we’ve explained what Amazon Renewed is and mentioned the product categories eligible to sell in this program, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start selling in the Amazon Renewed program.


The first step is to register as a seller on Amazon. If you’re a new seller on Amazon, you just need to send a request from your email.


The second step is to send the request to Amazon Renewed. As we have mentioned before, to enroll in the program, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements which are as follows:

  • Invoices must be provided showing the sale of 500 units (minimum) refurbished or a total value of €20,000 for business purchases of refurbished products made within 90 days prior to the application for registration
  • It is possible to cancel the amount of units on the invoice or the amount in euros, however it is not possible to do both. To get approval for the Apple brand in the smartphone category, invoices showing a total value of €1 million worth of refurbished Apple products must be provided.
  • A minimum of 10 images of a sample unit must be submitted for product review and packaging:

1) A photograph of the package in which the product will be shipped.

2) Other from the package that will include the product (inside the packaging), white or brown.

3) Other product inside the package (with packing).

4 and 5) Photographs of the top and bottom of the product.

6 to 9) Photographs of the four sides of the product.

10) A photograph of the warranty card that you will incorporate for customers.

  • The applicant’s company provides at least 1 year warranty, regardless of consumer rights warranty, from the date of purchase for all Amazon-certified refurbished products.
  • If you have an Amazon seller account, or when you start selling on Amazon, the order defect rate must not exceed 0.8% in the last 90 days.
  • Finally, for specific brands, additional documentation related to product monitoring processes may need to be submitted.



  • The last step is to start selling and increase the business.
  • As long as Amazon has approved your request, you can start selling by adding certified refurbished products to your catalog or by adding an offer to existing products.
  • When a customer buys a product, there is the possibility of sending it through the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service as we already explained in the post “What is Amazon FBA?”
  • From Nozama, once again, we support the great initiatives of the great marketplace and we want to share them with you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.