Amazon Style

Amazon Style: What It Is and How Amazon Is Going to Revolutionize the Way You Buy Clothes


  • With the advent of Amazon’s “Try First, Pay Later,” the e-commerce giant is offering its customers the convenience of trying on clothes in their own home.
  • Now, Amazon hopes to offer shopping in its physical stores in a faster, more hygienic, more efficient, and easier way for consumers.


At first, Jeff Bezos’ company decided to eliminate the tedious time that people spent trying on clothes by launching its “try first, pay later” program. With it, as we already explained here, you can receive up to 6 garments at home, try them on calmly and pay only for the ones you want to keep. Now, Amazon has gone a step further with the creation of Amazon Style.

This new model of physical store, so to speak, is very similar in appearance to a conventional clothing store, with the only caveat that there are no mountains of clothes or endless queues here. It’ll all work thanks to an app and Amazon’s excellent logistics and elevate customer conveniences to levels never seen before.

What is Amazon Style?


The new brick-and-mortar stores that Amazon wants to open are not far from conventional clothing stores in appearance. Unlike what happens in Amazon Fresh, here you won’t stop seeing cashiers, or shop assistants, or fitting rooms, or anything similar; But you will be able to go to the fitting room without carrying anything in your hands. You will also be able, once you are inside one, to take a different size or color without having to leave it. And the fact is that the real revolution of these spaces, with which Amazon wants to enter the world of physical clothing stores, is in the shopping experience that the user is going to have.

The first point of the new experience is “Amazon Shopping”, the new application from which you will be able to see the different sizes, colors, ratings of other customers and details of the products from the comfort of your smartphone. In addition, you won’t have to carry the clothes you want to try on, since with one click you can add the garments you want to a fitting room or directly send them to the checkout to pay. Therefore, a customer will only have to scan a QR code to be able to access all the options presented by a garment.

Another of the company’s innovations is to have a technology that allows each customer to be offered a series of garments that match their personal style, tastes and measurements. This is usually very expensive, but thanks to the machine learning algorithm, as customers move through the store scanning items, they will be presented with items that may interest them.

The fitting room: the reimagined strength


It is in this section where the customer will notice the differences with conventional fitting rooms. From now on, they will be completely personalized spaces where users can enjoy a seemingly unlimited wardrobe.

“When a shopper enters your fitting room, they will find the items they ordered while browsing the store, plus additional options chosen based on their preferences,” Amazon said. In addition, they can continue to shop using the touch screen inside and the products will appear on it in a short time thanks to the logistics technology behind the store.

Much more than shopping


The new model that Amazon wants to implement for its physical stores goes far beyond what we know so far. First of all, the amount of clothing they have available crosses all borders so far. In the same store you can find everything from low-priced basic products to high-end products. In addition, the number of products available will be updated frequently, thanks to Amazon’s network of fulfillment centers.

Finally, the shopping experience doesn’t end when you walk out the door, as the items you’ve been looking at will be saved to you in the Amazon Shopping app and you can view and buy them later. In addition, you can shop and request delivery on Amazon Style to try on the garments physically.