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Back to School on Amazon


  • In September, sales on Amazon increase considerably with the return to school
  • Launching marketing campaigns with a big budget increases the performance of brands’ activity in the Marketplace


Back-to-school is a key time for companies to step on the accelerator and make their business models profitable for the last quarter of the year. The period includes the months of August and September, which are similar to the return of adults for holidays and the return to the classroom of the little ones.

According to numerous studies, it is estimated that each family spends 3% of annual income on school supplies, clothing and electronic devices, which is a minimum expenditure of 400 euros per child. In addition, Amazon has reported that this year 65% of families are expected to make their purchases online.

A great business opportunity for companies to increase their brand awareness and positioning on the platform, in this case, through monitored marketing campaigns so that they reach their buyer persona and offer content of differential quality to the competition.

Common Back-to-School Search Trends


Searches for items on Amazon rise significantly in the months of August and September, with the most visited categories on Amazon by the customer: children’s clothing, footwear, school supplies, books and electronic devices.

However, by keywords, the following terms are currently trending: folio, pencil case, backpack, eraser, notebook, pen, markers, pencils, scissors, plasticine, highlighters, glue, crayons, compass and folder.

The data indicates that the user initiates consumption patterns prior to September and in response to their new consumption habits, brands work on the launch campaign with a margin time of between 60 and 90 days. Thus, it is recommended that companies carry out a prior market study to identify business opportunities in the sector in which they operate before launching advertising content.

Guidelines to keep in mind for the 2022 Back to School campaign


Companies, more and more, want to be on Amazon and advertise their products among the first pages of the platform. To do this, it is necessary to work on its positioning by creating strategic actions that enhance its visibility and brand recognition with a previous time, as we announced in previous paragraphs, to make the investment made profitable.

In this case, in order to differentiate the stock of products from those of the competition and increase the company’s sales with a positive return on investment, the following strategic actions must be taken into account:

  • Offers and promotions: making coupons, offers and promotions increase the average purchase ticket per customer in a brand’s store. And if there are also packs of related products by category, the offer is more attractive and the demand grows.
  • Invest in advertising: increasing the budget allocated to the campaign improves the performance of activity on the platform, sales increase and economic benefits rise. In this case, it is possible to make different types of ads, whether Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand or Sponsored Display , to redirect the customer throughout the company’s sales funnel and make their purchase successfully.
  • Content: it is necessary to create content that responds to Amazon’s requirements, is attractive, clear and perfectly defines the qualities of the item being offered at any given time.

This seasonal campaign offers companies great business opportunities to advertise their product catalog in a space where traffic is segmented and measurable. In addition, society is becoming more digitized every day, responding earlier to technology as a leading means of consumption, with Amazon being the favorite e-commerce for Spaniards.

What are you waiting for to advertise your products on Amazon? Join the Back to School 2022 campaign and get more benefits.