Email marketing Amazon

Do you know about the new email marketing tool that Amazon has launched for sellers?


  • With ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’ salespeople will be able to send emails with discounts and promotions.
  • This option will allow Amazon sellers to have more direct contact with their customers.


The e-commerce giant has launched ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’, an email marketing tool that allows sellers to send campaigns with discounts and promotions.

The new tool arises with the aim of allowing sellers to build their own brand with Amazon and, thanks to this option, companies that sell their products on the platform will be able to contact customers by email every time they launch new products, offers or promotions on the platform.

The advantages of this initiative for sellers are many, including that they will now be able to have more direct contact with consumers and increase engagement with them.

Sending emails is not the only novelty of the tool, but it will also facilitate access to metrics on campaign activity. On the other hand, it should be noted that marketers will not be the ones who manage the mailing lists, but thanks to these metrics they will be able to have knowledge about the impact of their campaigns in this way.

Currently available only in the United States

Amazon has begun testing the new tool on The following requirements must be met in order to access it:

  • Become part of the Amazon Brand Registry.
  • That the customer agrees to follow the seller in order to receive their messages through a button enabled for this purpose.


Amazon is committed to serving its customers by helping them stay up-to-date on all the news from their favorite brands. “With Manage Your Customer Engagement, brands will be able to start email campaigns on announcements of new products and offers that Amazon will send to shoppers who choose to follow the brand,” Amazon representatives said in an interview with CNBC.