Cancelar en Amazon Prime

How to cancel on Amazon Prime?

Every day more people decide to buy on Amazon, and it is no wonder, the community of sellers and the management of Amazon itself make the purchase process for the customer highly satisfactory.

Many are also those who have a subscription to Amazon Prime, a service that for a low monthly or annual price offers us multiple advantages. However, there may come a time when, due to lack of use or another reason, you decide to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime.


It is possible that the payment of only €36 per year is no longer profitable for you, but first, we will remind you of all the benefits that you have access to under your Amazon Prime subscription and that, after the cancellation of the service, you will no longer enjoy:

  • Fast and free shipping in 1, 2 or 3 days.
  • Flash offers: you will have priority access to these eventual offers.
  • Prime Day: This is a worldwide Amazon event aimed exclusively at Prime customers. For one day, these customers will be able to buy thousands of products at a great discount.
  • Prime Now: Make your purchase and receive it in two hours at home.
  • Launch Day Delivery: Pre-order pre-order music albums, books, or video games and receive them for free on launch day.
  • Prime Video: Enjoy unlimited movies and series including Amazon original series.
  • Amazon Music: Play over 2 million songs on any of your devices for free.
  • Prime Photos: Store your audiovisual content in Amazon’s cloud.
  • Prime Reading: You can access unlimited reading with hundreds of ebooks for children and adults of all literary genres.
  • Twitch Prime: The advantage is that you can subscribe to a Twitch channel for free and access new content for your games every month.
  • Amazon Pantry: you will be able to receive basic necessities comfortably at home.
  • Amazon Family: You can enjoy 15% off a wide selection of diapers for your baby.

As you can see, no matter how many great advantages it has, it’s not worth paying for something you don’t use, so if that’s still your case, we’ll explain how to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime.


How to unsubscribe from Amazon Prime?

First of all, check the renewal date of your subscription, it is important that you know this, as the cancellation of Amazon Prime takes approximately 2 business days to take effect. We recommend that you activate from your Amazon account the sending of a reminder email 3 days before the renewal date so that you do not have problems with the cancellation by going to the option “Manage my Amazon Prime subscription” and selecting “Remember later”.


Cancellation during Amazon Prime’s 30-day free period

From your Amazon account, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the “My Amazon Prime Subscription” section.
  2. If your trial period hasn’t ended yet, simply click on “End My Subscription & Benefits”, “End My Subscription”, > and finally “Cancel & Relinquish My Benefits”.
  3. During the one-month trial offered by Amazon, you can cancel your subscription at any time at no cost. Regardless of the day you request this cancellation, you will no longer benefit from Amazon Prime services after 30 days. It will be automatically cancelled.
  4. Canceling after the Amazon Prime trial period
  5. If after the free trial period you decide to sign up for the service by paying the subscription price, we indicate the procedure to cancel it:
  6. If the trial period has ended, you will select the option to “End and relinquish my benefits” from your Amazon Prime account.
  7. In this way, Amazon will offer you the possibility of offering you a refund before you confirm the cancellation, with a full refund being possible if you have not benefited from any of the advantages offered by Amazon Prime. In any case, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information about the amount to be refunded.
  8. Turn off Amazon Prime auto-renewal
  9. Finally, you should know that the Amazon Prime subscription is set by default to automatically renew at the end of the free trial period, since before requesting the free period you have to enter your bank details.
  10. But this is not a problem since you can turn off auto-renewal from the Amazon Prime section of your account so you don’t get any surprises.