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How to Invest in Advertising to Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Store


  • There are a multitude of techniques and ways to get your target audience to your store on Amazon, but the most famous is advertising.
  • Knowing exactly how, where and when to invest can prove crucial to maximizing every euro invested.


Amazon has completely changed the way we shop and even think, making a large part of internet users use it as the default search engine when they want to buy some kind of item. The conveniences it offers, with next-day shipping, one-click purchases, or easy returns; have been some of the culprits of this situation.

For this reason, selling products on Amazon and being present on the platform through a virtual store, or
, has become almost mandatory for many traditional merchants. But also, for this reason, the competition in the marketplace has become fierce, making it increasingly difficult and expensive to get your target audience to reach your products. Faced with this, different actions can be carried out within the website, such as improving positioning through keyword bids, sponsored products or simply having good results for customers, since it is one of the main reasons that Amazon takes into account to grant the BuyBox and give visibility to your products.

But, as we already talked about in , there is a very significant number of people who can reach your Store from alternative channels to Amazon and who, for one reason or another, do not. In that blog post we indicated a series of measures that you could take to direct that traffic and today we are going to finish completing it with the last suggestion: advertising on Google and social networks.

If you want to know more about this topic, read on and learn how to get the most out of your online business. Started!

Advertising within Google

Google is still the most used search engine in the world, by far ahead of the next on the list as it has 92% of the current market share. This implies that there are millions of people there that you can direct to your Store.

The good thing about investing in advertising in this search engine is the different options it offers, such as keyword ads, YouTube videos, Android devices or Google Shopping. In addition, it has the ability to predict with a high degree of accuracy when a person is performing a search with the intention of buying a product and when they simply want to look for information. This allows you to be able to show ads when you think purchase intent is high and not show ads when you think an ad won’t be useful.

Google Shopping is precisely what we’re going to focus on today. This tool allows all advertisers who have an e-commerce website to publish ads for the products and direct them to their marketplace, without bidding on keywords or anything like that.

In addition, it is very simple to set up, as Google wants all sellers to have their Google Shopping set up. Even if you don’t use paid ads, Google will show the ads in your feed for free whenever it sees fit, making it a great option to drive traffic to your online store. Once there, as we explained in the other article, you will be able to segment audiences or get emails to redirect your traffic to Amazon and increase your sales.

Advertising within social networks

We already talked in the previous post about the importance of having a presence on social networks. This time we are going to talk about how to invest in ads on the different platforms.

It is true that, a priori, advertising on social networks has certain disadvantages compared to Google, such as the fact that people do not use them in order to buy items or that they often hinder the entertainment of users.

But, despite that, it is still a very interesting option due to the fact that the price is considerably lower compared to the rest of the advertising. In addition, it allows for a wider range of criteria: per click, reach, visibility, likes, etc. On the other hand, it allows you to create a much more precise segmentation of audiences and focus your advertising messages accordingly.

In this way, as before, with a greater knowledge of your target audience you will be able to plan the best way to communicate with them and, therefore, find the method to direct them to your products on Amazon and thus improve your results in the marketplace. All this applied in a planned, studied and thoughtful way will make your online business reach its full potential.