Optimizar los títulos en Amazon

How to Optimize Titles on Amazon

The title of the products is the first piece of information that the customer perceives when they search on Amazon. If we want users to click and continue to know the details of our product, we must pay close attention to the titles we choose.

But why are product titles so important on Amazon? To find out what is selling on a page and how to classify a product, Amazon takes into account the information present in the title. In fact, for Amazon’s A9 Algorithm, the keywords in the title are more relevant than those in the Bullet Points or descriptions.

If we want our brand to appear among the first search results, we must choose the keywords very well and get the title text to match the search intent of potential buyers.

In search of the winning title

Keep in mind that, along with the main image, price, and reviews, a product title is one of the few details that are displayed in Amazon’s search results.

El Lagar del Soto

Before optimizing your title, do keyword research on the keywords that are getting the most search volume on the platform and include them.

Engaging and informative titles will help you get clicks. To do this, you can ask yourself the following questions: Do you provide the customer with all the relevant information? Will it pique their interest? Will you still want to see the offer when you’ve read it?

Titles on Amazon follow the same structure and it is advisable to always use the same pattern: the brand name, the main keyword, and then the characteristics or attributes of the product must be combined with the rest of the secondary keywords.

If you have a Seller or Vendor account on Amazon and want to improve the title of your products as much as possible, you should take into account the following considerations:

  • Titles may not exceed 200 characters, including spaces.
  • Include information that identifies the products. For example: “Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil”.
  • Place the most relevant information at the beginning of the sentence.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word, respecting exceptions.
  • You should not include promotional or pricing and shipping phrases, such as “free shipping” or “100% quality guaranteed.”
  • Special characters are not allowed.
  • It is preferable to write the numbers in numbers because they attract more attention.
  • In the case of multiple packs, indicate in parentheses the number of units included. For example, “48 capsules.”
  • Look at the attributes that the competition highlights and always think about the end customer.

A winning title on Amazon is one that balances the manufacturer’s definition with the way in which the user will search for that product. Consider the following scheme:

Better Titles = More Clicks = Higher % of Sales = Better Organic Positioning = Increased visibility on Amazon


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