Preparación día del orgullo

Pride Day: How brands are preparing to support the collective


  • The actions taken by organizations and companies can make a difference for the collective
  • These types of acts have a very powerful emotional, symbolic and vindictive component


LGTBIQ+ Pride Day is an event that has been celebrated on June 28 since 1969 to make visible and commemorate the feeling of pride over sexual and gender orientation and identity. It aims to combat the stigma, discrimination and phobia that still exists in many places towards people in this group.

Nowadays it has crossed borders and calendars, going from being a single day to being celebrated in style for a full month in many cities, where parades, concerts, festivals and demonstrations are held. In general, these cities dress up with the multicolored flag as a sign of support and respect for sexual diversity, making it one of the most important events of the year.

For this reason, you should not miss the opportunity to prepare your business to get the most out of this celebration. Next, from Nozama Solutions we are going to teach you what you should keep in mind to increase your sales during Pride 2022.

First of all: planning


It is one of the most important principles of any type of business, but above all, for those who are dedicated to online sales. Therefore, you should have an up-to-date calendar that shows the important dates of the year. But of course, not every day requires the same preparation and not all events can be adjusted to your business.

Therefore, it is essential that you carry out a study based on the keywords that are used to find your products and compare them with those that have the highest sales on those dates. In this way, you will be able to know in which event your items can be boosted and thus prepare the stock and the necessary campaigns accordingly.

This will allow you, if you do it well in advance, to adapt your business to the specific characteristics of each date, creating personalized products or packs that include several items. In the case of Pride Day, if, for example, you sell t-shirts, you can design some that are exclusive to commemorate these dates or create packs with bandanas, fans or flags and thus benefit from the fact that many people will attend the celebration events dressed for the occasion.

Campaigns and promotions: marketing adapted to each occasion


The celebration of Pride, unlike other dates marked on the calendar, does not have a dedicated space exclusively within Amazon. Therefore, it can be decisive that you invest in creating offers, coupons, and promotions so that your listings acquire more visibility within the platform.

A very interesting option is remarketing campaigns, where your articles will reach those users who have already shown similar interests. You can also create display campaigns on those products that, thanks to keywords, you know are attracting the most traffic.

A section that you can’t ignore or neglect is external traffic. As we have seen on other occasions, about 40% of users are still looking for products outside of Amazon, so placing ads on Google or Facebook can redirect a lot of traffic to your store.

Committed products that add value


On dates as important as this one, it is not enough to “get on the Pride bandwagon” and that’s it. Consumers are increasingly aware of what they buy and the impact it has on the world around them, to the point that 40% of users buy only those items that support their values.

Therefore, if you want to stand out, differentiate yourself, carve out a niche for yourself and represent the LGTBIQ+ community among all the opportunism that surrounds this event, it is important that both your business and your products provide more than just a rainbow flag.

Not only will this benefit you when it comes to getting results during this period, but it will improve all aspects that influence the perception that users have of your brand. You can achieve this, for example, by creating custom A+ pages or modifying your Store or Brand Story on the occasion of Pride 2022, as this is highly visual, eye-catching and easy-to-consume content for shoppers