Amazon Seller Central

What is Amazon Seller Central? Everything You Need to Know

To be able to sell on Amazon, you have two options or two different types of accounts: Amazon seller and Amazon vendor. With Amazon Seller you will sell your products directly to the end customer (what in traditional commerce we could call a “corner”). With Amazon vendor you will sell your products directly to Amazon.

According to forecasts, in 2020 60% of e-commerce purchases will be made in marketplaces and among them, Amazon will take more than 2 thirds of the pie, so the advantages of being able to be inside and successfully manage your Amazon account can be very succulent for your business or company.

The first option is open to any company, SME or legal freelancer who wants to sell on Amazon, for the second form of sale (Amazon vendor) you can only enter by prior invitation from Amazon, so in this post we are going to focus on Amazon Seller Central

Selling on Amazon opens up a myriad of possibilities and opportunities to boost your business in online commerce. Being a seller on Amazon allows you to sell your regular catalog of products on their marketplace and also allows you to participate in campaigns where you can offer your most relevant products with great offers to attract the attention of more customers, and one of the best options to publicize your product catalog is by including offers on Amazon’s Black Friday that takes place in the month of November and in offer campaigns Similar.


Differences Between Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor

The first thing you need to be clear about is the concept of Seller and Vendor and the differences between the types of sellers:

If you have a Vendor account, you will become an Amazon supplier. Amazon will buy the products directly from you and they will be in charge of selling them to the end customer. As we have already mentioned, this option is only entered by direct invitation from Amazon. Amazon, like any other customer, chooses who they want to buy from, if you are the chosen one you will be their supplier and Amazon will become your customer.

As a central Amazon Seller, you will be able to sell your products directly to the end user. Amazon will take care of providing you with a “space” on its marketplace. This is the option for most businesses, SMEs and freelancers who want to sell their products through Amazon. Once you become an Amazon seller you will use the BackOffice called Seller Central where you can upload your product list, carry out your own promotions, calculate your shipping costs, you will even be able to access the different European accounts, a very good option for those companies that want to take the step to internationalization without making large investments.


I’m already an Amazon Seller Central, now what do I have to do?

Once you have become part of the Amazon universe through your Seller Central account, these are the necessary steps to start selling on Amazon:

  • The first step will be to upload your catalog of products that you want to sell on Amazon, take care of the images, descriptions, titles, product variations such as colors, sizes or weights. You will also need to set delivery times in each country and shipping costs.
  • Calculate your margin and set the prices and promotions of your products, find out who sells similar products and try to adjust costs in order to be competitive on Amazon.
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s advertising: advertise on the platform itself to increase your conversions on the marketplace.
  • To sell more, you’ll have to have more visibility: take care of your SEO positioning on Amazon, titles, descriptions, A+ pages, Amazon stores personalized to your brand, positive reviews, etc. If you take care of your SEO positioning within Amazon, you will notice the results.
  • Try to win the Buy Box: To do this, you will have to set competitive prices and a performance ratio higher than your competition. Entering the Buy Box guarantees that if your product sells, the chances of being bought from you are multiplied by ten.
  • Confirm orders within a maximum of 48 hours and respond to customers in less than 24 hours, this does not mean that you wait until the last minute to do so, the sooner you do it the sooner you will arrive at the Performance.
  • When a customer places an order, Amazon will validate their card, this process can take hours, the moment you receive the order, reserve the units in your warehouse, never break your stock and try to work with high stock, if you cancel any order due to lack of stock, your Performance will plummet.
  • Confirm the shipment and send the tracking number offered by the shipping company, this process has to be as fast and efficient as possible.
  • Get positive reviews and deal with negative ones. It’s one of the most tedious and difficult processes, but positive reviews are “the prize” of satisfied customers and your stepping stone to Performance. In the same way, negative reviews can make all your efforts to get into selling on Amazon squandered in no time. Don’t forget that you have to be a “perfect salesperson”, there are no excuses.


Reasons why you can stop being an Amazon Seller

The worst nightmare for an Amazon seller is to suffer the dreaded account suspension. Amazon may close your store for non-compliance with any of the following points and you will not be able to sell on Amazon again.

Failing to meet Amazon’s required performance performance

Amazon is very demanding with its sellers and you will have to meet the minimum standards of quality in the service. Your Performance level is established by metrics that mainly cover logistics and customer service. If you’re not able to keep these areas 100% covered, you won’t be able to be an Amazon seller.


Product Safety Issues

Your product has to be of quality and with a good function. At first glance it may seem that “everything” can be sold on Amazon, but if you receive negative reviews, returns, and comments about the low quality of your product, suspension will be imminent. Food, cosmetics, electrical appliances and everything related to children and babies are the riskiest categories in this aspect. If you’re unsure about the quality of one of your products, don’t take the risk of trying to sell it on Amazon as you could ruin all your work because of that product.


Restricted or Authorized Products

You are responsible for knowing the rules and checking that what you sell is permitted by the local laws of the country in which you sell and by Amazon. If you run the risk of uploading a product to your listing that is restricted from selling in any country, you already know that your time as a seller on Amazon is coming to an end.


Multiple Related Seller Accounts

As an Amazon seller, you are only allowed one account. This is especially indicated for those who have received a permanent suspension and try to sell again under another name or in the name of another partner/family member related to the company. Amazon has detection systems that will cause your new account to be abruptly deleted without warning.


Hacking Your Amazon Seller Account

If it’s already attractive for hackers to access your computers or your company’s accounts, imagine what they’ll do to get your Amazon account login details. You will receive malicious emails looking for your passwords to gain access to your account. Please remember that you are solely responsible for the security of your account. If for some reason your account is Hacked, forget about the adventure of being an Amazon seller.


Beware of the competition

Not all of the competition you’ll find on Amazon are as ethical in the world of commerce as you are. Claims about fake products, copyrights, intellectual property, and fraudulent purchases for the sole purpose of making a return and a negative review can be some of the things you have to deal with in the Amazon seller jungle. Fortunately in most cases this doesn’t happen, but keep in mind that it could happen. If, on the other hand, you are the one who thinks that you have to eliminate the competition in order to sell your product, you should know that Amazon uses Big Data in a very optimal way, so if you think that you are going to circumvent it as easily as carrying out the misdeed with the account of a family member/friend/neighbor, Don’t worry, you’re not going to be the first to think of this, nor will you be the first to be kicked out of Amazon for this act.


Tips to become an Amazon Seller

If you’re entering Amazon Seller Central and want to stay on the crest of the wave for a long time, these tips can help:

  • Check the provenance, quality, and performance of your products before listing them
  • Be honest with your buyers about prices and delivery times
  • If you can’t control your logistics, use Amazon FBA
  • Monitor your account’s performance indicators on a daily basis
  • Keep a record of your products being purchased and that your suppliers are reliable sources. It’s very easy for Amazon to ask you to know your shopping channel.
  • Stay up-to-date on all updates to Amazon’s seller policies as they may change and you may suffer a seller suspension if you don’t update.


Conclusion of being an Amazon Seller

As you can see, entering to sell on Amazon can be the springboard for the financial stability of your company, but being able to manage and achieve a level of quality and optimal performance can become a much more complex and dedicated task. And that’s the reason for Nozamasol’s existence.


Do you really think you can manage all of this on your own and also manage your business outside of Amazon?

Entrust your account to our specialized agency on Amazon and we will take care of everything from uploading your products, your marketing campaigns, customer support, and updating policies.