Attention advertisers!: Amazon launches Marketing Stream in its beta phase


  • This product sends metrics and insights about Amazon Ads campaigns in near real-time
  • Advertisers will now be able to see how shopper behavior changes throughout the day and act accordingly


When planning a marketing campaign, it is essential to know what the consumer’s consumption habits are like, in order to focus on those moments and improve its performance.

Nowadays, it is not enough to launch campaigns only seasonally, since the pace of life of citizens and the ease of access to marketplaces allow you to buy at any time of the day without having to physically go to the stores. This has caused many companies to require accurate and detailed information about how the user acts in order to redirect their marketing plans.

To meet the needs of many brands, Amazon has launched Marketing Stream, a tool that provides hourly campaign reports.


Why is Amazon Marketing Stream revolutionary?


As mentioned above, this product shows ad performance at a much lower frequency than the Amazon Ads API allowed. Up until this point, access to reports was limited to pull calls where daily throughput was provided. But, if a user wanted to learn more about how a certain campaign was performing throughout the day, they had to make an extra manual call.

The problem was that the Amazon Ads API itself limited the number of calls that could be made, and also forced you to compare new information with existing information to identify changes. From now on, all this is over and users can get accurate and up-to-date information almost constantly.

What are the advantages of this new product?


With Amazon Marketing Stream, companies have more resources at their fingertips, here we explain them to you:

  • Optimize campaigns more effectively: By providing hourly metrics, they can take action with new actions to get more out of their budget. For example, increasing bid amounts at times of the day when the conversion rate is highest. In addition, new combinations can be made, such as between targeting and ad placement to optimize keywords as well.
  • Respond quickly to campaign changes: With real-time insights, users can schedule actions to further optimize campaigns, such as one to increase budget before it runs out.
  • Increase operational efficiency: By getting real-time, push-through data, including changes to performance metrics, you remove the limitations of the Amazon Ads API. This makes it possible to simplify complex technical operations, saving companies time and money.


Amazon Marketing Stream Constantly Evolving


This product has been the result of Amazon’s listening process to its customers, whether to sellers, agencies, service providers or advertisers.

For this reason, this feature is in its beta phase and, everything indicates that more features are going to be implemented that add value to the businesses that operate on the platform. In Amazon’s own words, “we hope to learn from our customers and continue to evolve the product.”

This service is not yet available in Spain and can only be accessed from stores in North America, but as it consolidates it will spread to the rest of the world.